Deputy County Commissioner (Programme)

We have a vacancy for a County Programme development lead.

A message from Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner.

I have a vacancy on my senior team for a Deputy County Commissioner for Programme, following Jane’s move to help lead up our activities to support our Growth ambition in our County Plan.

Programme is ultimately a core pillar of what we do in Scouting, it is through our fun and exciting programmes that young people learn the Skills for Life.

When sections provide poor programme, young people leave.

A bit about the Programme Workstream.     

The role of the Programme Workstream is to create activities, resources and provide knowledge to support Assistant District Commissioners and Section Leaders with an ever improving programme. The workstream signposts opportunities and give a helping hand with the elements that people find difficult.

Day-to-day activities are varied from showing section leaders the way to international opportunities, hands on support with top award, to devising challenges to enhance section programmes.

It is not the workstream’s responsibility to organise County events, but it does identify the need and works closely with the Operations Workstream to shape, promote and champion these.

Another facet of the work is to analyse, develop and promote the many offers from external organisations to work with us to provide programme at grassroots and ensure that Section Leaders are able to tap into those opportunities.

There are currently some key roles vacant in the workstream and I would be looking for the new Deputy to focus on filling these to ensure we are offering the support our County deserves.

The Role

As the leader of the workstream, I would look to you to motivate, coordinate and prioritise the activities of the volunteers within the workstream. Provide access to development opportunities and celebrate hard work and success.

I would want you to be imaginative and entrepreneurial in developing ideas and solutions, involving the whole team.

As Deputy County Commissioner for Programme, you would be a key contact for District Commissioners to help them with their programme plans.

You  would also need to deputise for me and, quite often, put me in my place!

Please take a look at the full Role Description.

If you would be interested in finding out more please contact me, I would love to have a chat. If you are interesting is applying or nominating someone else for this role please use the form below.

Appointment Application Form

I look forward to hearing from some of you!


The Deputy County Commissioner for Programme owns a number of key objectives in our County Plan, which are delivered by the Programme Workstream these are:



Who supports

P1. Link with other voluntary sector organisations or employers.

P1A1. Create a list of organisations that are willing to work with

ACC External Programme

P1A2. Norfolk Scouts “Year of Community Engagement”

ACCs Programme

F2. Provision of support to leaders when badge criteria and
challenges change

F2A1. Advertise badge changes and new badges

Programme ACC

F2A2. Develop training/support package for new badges.

Programme ACC

F2A3. Badge days introduced

Programme ACC

F8. Prepare Young People for adult roles.

F8A1. Provide the opportunity for YP to attend skills events to learn
new and exciting skills they may not normally be able to access.

ACC Young Leaders

F8A2. Rewards for young leaders eg a social
gathering, bbq, meal etc to show we appreciate them
and the work they do, often getting the worse jobs given to them.

ACC Young Leaders

F9 Ensure that skills and adventurous activity training is available
to all including all 14-17s

F9A1. Promote opportunities

ACC Young Leaders

A3. Adventurous activities should be available to all 6-18 year olds

A3A1. Champion good practice that already takes place as an inspiration
to others

ACC Programme

A3A2. Myth busting about what activities young people of 6-18 year
olds can do

ACC Programme

A3A3. Identify what the needs are in the County


A5. Promoting and encouraging the use of the Nights Away Passport

A5A1 A greater education of leaders about delivery of nights away
passport and personal/leadership permits and training for young people.

ACC Programme and County NAAA (A1A6)

T1. Improve transition from Young Leaders (YL) to Adult Volunteering

T1A1. Promotion that YL Training supports validation in Adult Training
Scheme as prior learning.

ACC Young Leaders

T1A2. Ensure support network for YL exists

ACC Young Leaders

T1A3. Section Leaders know how to support YL in their sections.

ACC Young Leaders

T7. Make Network a recruitment and retention tool for Adults

T7A1 Increased positive visibility of current Networks

ACC Top Awards and Network