Vacancy – Deputy County Commissioner

The County Commissioner is looking to appoint a deputy to lead our People workstream.

Hello, I’m Matthew and I am the County Commissioner for Norfolk.

I’m looking for an additional volunteer Deputy County Commissioner to join my Senior Management Team.


As Deputy County Commissioner (Let’s just use DCC from now on) for People you would be accountable for the for the following areas:

  • Providing a culture of initial and continuous learning and development through activities led by the County Training Team.
  • Ensuring and enhancing safe Scouting experiences through activities led by the Safety Coordinator and Safeguarding Awareness Coordinators.
  • Driving our ambition to be inclusive and accessible to all through reasonable adjustment activities led by the Assistant County Commissioner (Inclusion) and potential inclusion support network.

You will set the direction and provide vision for a number of County volunteers that provide our People Support Workstream. These are our:

  • County Training Managers – These adults provide the important Adult Training in it’s various guises for all our 2,500 adults working across Norfolk.
  • Safeguarding Awareness Coordinators – Peter and Trudy provide support, advice and training on Safeguarding and wellbeing of young people.
  • Safety coordinator – Charles works to provide proactive advice and Safety training to help us avoid accidents and to comply with both Scouting’s rules and the law.
  • Assistant County Commissioner (Inclusion) – Currently a vacancy, this role helps adults, families and groups make the reasonable adjustments to ensure Scouting is available to all.


As DCC People it is your role to ensure that the people workstream put our Adult volunteers at the heart of what the workstream delivers. We should always work in a way that is helpful, flexible and respectful.

It is the role of the function to give people the skills to enjoy, and add value in their roles by making sure they are suitably competent to complete the tasks they need to perform.


As DCC People you will have a key input into supporting completion of a number of key areas of our County Plan these are:


Support delivery of a quality programme

Transform Adult Recruitment

  • T1. Improve transition from Young Leaders (YL) to Adult Volunteering
  • T8. Make recruitment a positive experience for Adults.

High quality Adult Training provision

  • Q1.All Adult training and validation in Norfolk will be delivered in a consistent manner.
  • Q2. The TA Role will be delivered with consistent and effective approach throughout  Norfolk
  • Q3. All Adults to complete their training within prescribed timescales
  • Q4. The creation of ‘Centre of Excellence hubs’ for the delivery of training throughout Norfolk
  • Q5. Have consistency within the Local Training Managers community

New Adult Volunteers have a fabulous welcome to Norfolk Scouts

  • W1. As part of leader training include the soft skills required to induct potential new leaders.
  • W2. A mentor (buddy) system for any new members, or new role.
  • W3. Identify the skills that a new adult brings to Scouting
  • W4. Make leaders feel welcome in all roles
  • W5. Trustees to understand their role in scouting
  • W6. Induction of new volunteers


This is a really important role on my team, and would suit someone who cares about making volunteering with us easy, fun, rewarding and valued.

Here is a full role description:

Deputy County Commissioner (People) Role Description

To apply or nominate someone your use this form by 12 October:

Appointment Nomination/Application Form


This the organisational structure around the DCC People:



I would be really interested to talk to anyone who is considering applying and happy to explain by vision or try and give an insight to working with me is like.

Many thanks