Beavers 30

Welcome to the Beavers 30 Support Page!

This is a place for Leaders, Supporters and Parents find material to support Norfolk Scout’s Beavers 30 Celebrations.

Key Dates

  • Sunday 18 September
    Beaver Funday at BeWILDerwood

Celebration Elements

Beavers 30 Badge

Our special commemorative badge is available to buy, it can be worn on Beaver Scout’s uniforms in the occasional badge space (above world badge) until January 2017.

Beavers 30 badge order form (MS Word)

Beavers 30 Challenge

Our Beavers 30 Challenge is designed to provide some excitement to the Beaver Scout programme and a fun way to celebrate the 30th Birthday.

For details of all the challenges check out the Beaver 30 Challenge Book

There is also a Challenge Tracker (MS Excel) or Challenge Tracker (PDF) available to track your colony’s progress.

To order your woggles, please use the Beaver woggle order form

A massive thank you goes to James Higham for all his hard work creating the Beaver 30 Challenge.

Beaver Funday at BeWILDerwood.

Our exciting funday will be held on Sunday 18 September.

Here is some more information and a booking form.

A ‘Save the Date‘ flyer is also available to display in meeting places.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Mildred and BeWilderwood.

For more information about anything related to Beavers 30 please contact