Activities and Nights Away

Information on Activities and Nights Away

In this section you will find information on activities and nights away including helpful links on the main Scouts website and how to get into activities.

If you are looking for adult learning (modules) go to the Training section.


An important part of Scouting, Activities provide young people with exciting opportunities for learning, confidence building, teamwork, leadership and fun.

The first place to start is checking out the A-Z of activities on the website.

For information on activity permits, go to Activity Permit Information.

If you are looking for training or an assessment, go to Request Activity Training / Assessment.

Nights Away

Getting away from the normal evening meeting is a great and important part of Scouting which every young person should be able to experience.

For information on nights away permits, go to Nights Away Information.

Manager of the Activity Permit and Nights Away schemes (MAPS)

Scott Millard is responsible for the county development of activities and nights away for Norfolk.

To contact Scott, please email