Occasional Badges

Details regarding occasional badges that can be worn on uniforms in Norfolk.

The County Commissioner can approve occasional badges to be worn on unform for a set period of time, often these are to mark a milestone or celebrate an event. If you would like to consider commissioning badge then please see our  Occasional Badge Guidelines and have your design approved before manufacture.

An occasional badge is usually worn above the World Badge on the left hand side of a shirt or jumper, occasional badges can also be worn on the bottom of the right hard sleeve (the arm with your County and District badge on).

The following badges are currently approved for wearing on uniform in Norfolk.


Badge Name Purpose Who can wear When should be removed
1st Norwich 110 Years Celebration badge marking 110 years of 1st Norwich Sea Scouts. Members of 1st Norwich Group 31 December 2018
Go Go Hares Challenge Fundraising badge for Break Charity awarded for completing Norfolk Scouts Go Go Hares Challenge. Any member of Norfolk Scouts who takes part in Challenge. 31 December 2019
Chairman’s Challenge Badge awarded by the Chairman of Norfolk County Council for community projects. Members of sections who were awarded the challenge 31 December 2019
RN100 Celebration badge marking 100 years of Royal Navy Recognition. Members of Norfolk RN recognised groups. 31 December 2019
Unit 18 WSJ Badge Fundraising badge for members of the Norfolk and Suffolk WSJ Contingent. Any member of Norfolk Scouts wishing to support. 31 December 2019
WSJ UK Contingent Supporters Badge Badges created for fundraising for UK Contingent and IST members Any member of Norfolk Scouts who attended NORJAM2018 31 December 2019
1st Mattishall 50 years Celebration badge marking 50 years of 1st Mattishall. Members of 1st Mattishall Group 31 December 2019
5th Kings Lynn 50 Years Celebration badge marking 50 years of 5th Kings Lynn. Members of 5th King’s Lynn Group 31 December 2019
North West Norfolk Youth Forum Participation badge for District Youth Forum Members of North West Norfolk who take part in Youth Forum 31 December 2019
Beaver Damboree Badges Selection of participation badges for Beaver colonies who took part in a camping experience as part of Damboree Any member of Norfolk Scouts who gained a badge. 31 December 2019
NORJAM 2018 Main Badge, Heritage Challenge, Sub Camp Badge or Cub and Brownie Day Badge Badges created for NORJAM 2018 Any member of Norfolk Scouts who attended NORJAM2018 31 December 2019