Scout in the House

Norfolk Scout’s “Scout in the House” Challenge

…is a great new way to keep Scouting a part of the stay at home routine for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network and Adult members.

Click here to download Norfolk Scout’s Scout in the House Challenge.
Click here to download a handy worksheet for everyone to use to track progress when working on the Challenge.

NEW Badge to be commissioned for all achievers of the Scout in the House Challenge.

Hall of Fame…

No 1: Jack – 12th Kings Lynn Beaver Colony

Jack is the first to person to complete the award in Norfolk and during the challenge he achieved some great things:

  • Learnt the Beaver promise in sign language
  • Completed the Postman Pals activity, one of the ‘great indoors’ activities
  • Made a Rainbow of Hope poster and displayed it
  • Completed, at least, 30 minutes exercise daily
  • Joined in with 12th Kings Lynn’s home camp; he set up a tent and cooked on a BBQ

Jack’s Beaver Leader, Tracey said, “Needless to say I am incredibly proud of Jack”

Jack, his Mum and his Beaver Leader Tracey (Cherry) were interviewed for a news article as Jack was the first to complete the challenge. Click here to read the News Report.

No 2 & 3: Chrys & Cayden – Mattishall  & District Scout Troop

Click to listen to Chrys & Cayden say The Scout Promise in Portuguese.

Ann, the Secretary of Mattishal Group said, “They have put a lovely video of their Promise in Portuguese (which sounds more advanced than the UK one) on our district Facebook page” – a great way to share what they have learned with others.

No 4: Wilbur – 2nd Brundall Beaver Colony

Julia, Wilbur’s Beaver Leader said, “I am very proud of Wilbur and so very grateful that parents are trying really hard to maintain some element of normality for their children during these really challenging times, Wilbur’s dad Mike ‘Vulture’, who is one of 2nd Brundall’s Occasional Helpers has been brilliant and keeping Scouting going at home”

No 5: Rachel – Bowthorpe Beaver Colony

Click to watch Rachel learning to play with a YoYo

Sara, Rachel’s Beaver Leader said: “Rachel is that one enthusiastic Beaver that we all have, she is always ready to join in with everything, always smiling and always ready to help out. She has completed every challenge that has been set since scouting as we know it was suspended”

No 6 & 7: Matthew & Luke –  Bowthorpe Scout Troop

A few words from Matthew and Luke: “Our favourite task for the Scout in the House challenge was the Great Camp In. First of all we set up a den in our living room, then we hiked upstairs to set up a different camp/den in another room. Travel costs were low!
We also liked being able to clap for our carers along with our neighbours and enjoyed building our lego rainbow and NHS scene”

No 8: Eleanor – 12th Kings Lynn Beaver Colony

Eleanor’s Beaver Leader Tracey said: “Eleanor has also completed 6 of her activity badges at home so far. I set Eleanor the challenge of completing the ‘Scout in the House’ challenge as my Leaders challenge for her Personal challenge award”

Eleanor’s Dad said: “I asked Eleanor to think of a country that she can look at the scouts. She thought of Australia. The funniest thing Eleanor found was that the beaver scouts there are called joey scouts. We then found some of the activities they do there and we found they do lots of the same things together. Eleanor made a diagram of some of the things they do”

No 9: Robert – 2nd Brundall Beaver Colony

Julia,  Beaver Leader, said:  “So proud of my Beaver colony for keeping scouting going during these tough times. Robert and his dad, Occasional Helper, Chris ‘Falcon’ have had loads of fun working on this and other challenges. Its so important for our children to try and keep some semblance of normality to their routines so I have been encouraging them to continue to wear their uniforms when scouting from home!

No 10: Frankie – 1st Mulbarton Beaver Colony

Frankie’s Mum said: “Frankie has been running as a new hobby. He had been doing park run every Sunday but now it’s not on Frankie has been going running every few days with Daddy, this situation has given him lots of time to train. His PB is 10.27 to run 2KM”

No 11: Freddie – 2nd Brundall Cub Pack

Freddie’s Mum (who is a Beaver Leader) said: “Now Freddie has moved up to Cubs I don’t see him at sessions anymore so while in lockdown its been lovely to work with him on his new set of badges!”

No 12 & 13: Saffron & Travis – 12th Kings Lynn Beaver Colony & Cub Pack also both members of the 1st Smiles Scout Group

As part of their Challenge, both Saffron & Travis learned some sign language…
Click here to see Saffron sign the Beaver Promise
Click here to see Travis sign the Cub Promise

No 14: Freya – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

Akela, Teo said: “We launched the challenge on our live stream last week and have had a few photos of Cubs doing various parts back, but Freya is the first one (so far) to complete all 6 parts of the challenge”

No 15-18: Kyle, Sue, Meredith & Delilah – 1st Blofield & Brundall Group – Kyle & Sue are the first Leaders to complete the challenge!

This Scout in the House Challenge has been completed by the whole family!
Assistant Scout Leader Kyle, Assistant Cub Leader Sue, Meredith who is a Scout & Delilah who is a Cub.

Scout Leader Gary said: “I’m really very proud of them, they’ve taken this challenge to heart and have been determined to continue scouting throughout this COVID lockdown”

No 19 & 20: Willow & Lola – 12th Kings Lynn Beaver Colony & Scout Troop

Willow & Lola’s Mum said: “It’s been great fun, doing the different activities at home, it’s certainly kept us all busy!! Both girls have had fun working towards new badges, and it’s been lovely having a Scout helping the Beaver. It’s been lovely hearing them giggle away as they work together on activities! They both loved a “flair for hot air” activity! We are looking forward to trying out some more activities.”

No 21: Reggie – 2nd Brundall Beaver Colony

Beaver Leader Julia said: “I am overwhelmed at the response from my Beaver Colony to the Scout in the House challenge – it just shows how important Scouting is to these young people at this very difficult time”

No 22: Benjamin – 1st Mattishall & District Beaver Colony

Benjamin learned to say the Canadian Promise as part of this challenge.
Central Norfolk was the District that inspired the “Scout in the House” Challenge !

No 23: Eloise – Bowthorpe Beaver Colony

Eloise said: “I liked fixing the tap because I had to replace it with different parts and to use tools 🛠 I liked hiking 🥾 around charter wood🌳 and climbing trees.”

No 24: Keelan – Bowthorpe Scout Troop

Keelan said: “I really enjoyed the camp out at home as I got to show my brothers somethings I had learnt at previous scouts camps (the camp song & how to make a camp fire). I also really enjoyed clapping for the NHS & my most favourite challenge was the ‘at home meetings‘ it was lovely to still be able to see my leaders & friends.
Thanks to everyone that makes scouts happen”

No 25: Abigail – 18th Norwich Beaver Colony

Abigail planned and prepared a balanced meal for her family as part of the challenge.

No 26: Jamie – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

Jamie complete a worksheet to log all the activities he completed as part of the challenge.
Teo, Jamie’s Cub Leader said: “I’m very pleased that two of our Cubs have now completed the challenge, well done!”

No 27: Jacob – 16th Norwich Scout Troop

Jacob took part in JOTI to learn more about Scouting in Japan as part of the challenge.

No 28: Bethany – Bowthorpe Scout Troop

Bethany learned some great new skills for life whilst completing the challenge including how to cook a three course French meal !

No 29: William – Bowthorpe Cub Pack

William made a den and successfully slept 1 night in it before his little brother destroyed it !

No 30: Oliver – 1st Mattishall & District Scout Troop

Oliver’s brother Benjamin has also completed the Scout in the House Challenge.
District Commissioner, Simon said: “It’s great to see Leaders working with young people to achieve this award and keep busy Scouting.”

No 31: Christopher – 12th Kings Lynn Scout Troop

Jamie, Christopher’s Scout Leader said: “Chis has worked extremely hard and completed a number of activity badges at home, including modal maker, local historian and many more.”

No 32: Ben – 1st Hethersett Cub Pack

No 33: Finley – 1st Hethersett Cub Pack

N0 34: Charlie – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

One weekend saw six Cubs from 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack complete the Scout in the House Challenge – well done Akela Teo !

No 35: Elliot – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

One weekend saw six Cubs from 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack complete the Scout in the House Challenge – well done Akela Teo !

No 36: Tianna – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

One weekend saw six Cubs from 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack complete the Scout in the House Challenge – well done Akela Teo !

No 37: Jan – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

One weekend saw six Cubs from 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack complete the Scout in the House Challenge – well done Akela Teo !

No 38: Kody – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

One weekend saw six Cubs from 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack complete the Scout in the House Challenge – well done Akela Teo !

No 39: Warren – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

One weekend saw six Cubs from 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack complete the Scout in the House Challenge – well done Akela Teo !

No 40: Thomas – 1st Mattishall & District Beaver Colony

No 41: Jasmine – 1st Mattishall & District beaver Colony

No 42: George – 1st Mattishall & District Scout Troop

No 43: Sophie – Brooke and Poringland Scout Troop

No 44: Toby – Great Ellingham Cub Pack

Group Scout Leader Sue said: “I’m very proud of him as the first youth member of our Group to complete the Award”

No 45: Sue – Great Ellingham Scout Group

Sue, Group Scout Leader at Great Ellingham completed an Activity Badge for each section to show her support for all members of her Scout Group completing the challenge.
Sue said: “I can’t wait to wear the activity Badges on my uniform!”

No 46: Ryley – 1st Gorleston Cub Pack

Akela Michelle said: ” I am really proud that Ryley is the first member of my Scout Group to complete the challenge!”

No 47: Josh – 1st Mattishall & District Scout Troop

No 48: name withheld – 1st Gorleston Cub Pack

No 49 & 50 – Oscar and Amelia – Great Ellingham Scout Group

Oscar is a Beaver and Amelia a Cub with Great Ellingham Scout Group.
Group Scout Leader, Sue said: ” Oscar our newest Beaver, who is not six until the end of the month) and his sister Amelia a Cub, have both been VERY busy during lockdown”

No 51: Ruby – Bowthorpe Cub Pack

No 52: Flynn – Bowthorpe Scout Troop

No 53: John – Bowthorpe Scout Troop

No 54: Sam – Great Ellingham Beaver Colony

No 55: Harri – 1st Gorleston Scout Group

Beaver Leader Harri said: “I think my rabbits deserve the certificate too”

No 56: Levi – 1st Gorleston Cub Pack

No 57: Harry – 1st Gorleston Cub Pack

No 58: Lillie-Mae – 2nd Gorleston Cub Pack

No 59: Archie – 1st Gorleston Cub Pack

No 60: James – 1st Gorleston Cub Pack

No 61: Sophia – 12th Kings Lynn Beaver Colony

Beaver Leader Tracey said: “Sophia has also completed 9 of her activity badges at home since lockdown started. Sophia has completed her Cyclist activity badge, learning to ride her bike!”

No 62: Tom – 1st Wroxham & Hoveton Cub Pack

Carol, Tom’s Cub Leader said “Tom has completed other badges and challenges set by me as well as completing each of the NEN weekly challenges”

No 63: Michael – 1st Hethersett Beaver Colony

No 64: Harry – 1st Hethersett Beaver Colony

No 65: Sophie – 1st Wroxham & Hoveton Cub Pack

Sophie’s Cub Leader Carole said ” Sophie has completed 4 activity badges and each of the weekly challenges set by NEN Scouts”

No 66: Tristan – 1st Gorleston Cub Pack

No 67: Lewie – Great Ellingham Scout Troop (Wolf)

Group Scout Leader, Sue said: ” Lewie cleaned the garden shed to sleep in – he even vacuumed it to make it clean”

No 68: Ian – Great Ellingham Scout Group

Ian learned new skills so that he could meet with his Scout online!

No 69: Rachel – 17th Norwich Cub Pack

No 70: Julia – 17th Norwich Cub Pack

No 71: Adam – 17th Norwich Cub Pack

N0 72: Daniel – 3rd Marshland Scout Troop

No 73: Peter – 3rd Marshland Cub Pack

No 74: Arianna – 17th Norwich Cub Pack

No 75: Edward – 17th Norwich Cub Pack

Cub Leader Anne-Marie said: “Edward helped his Dad with a big DIY project”

No 76: Zachary – 17th Norwich Cub Pack

No 77: Ivy – 17th Norwich Cub Pack

No 78: Harry – 1st Gorleston Scout Troop

Denise, Harry’s Scout Leader Said; “Harry is the first in our Troop to complete the Challenge – I am very proud of him and the way he planned to achieve his Scout in the House Challenge”

No 79: Charles – 12th Kings Lynn Beaver Colony

Beaver Leader Tracey said: “Charles made a beautiful Rainbow of Hope poster and displayed it in his window. It was especially lovely to receive a video of Charles and his mum signing the Beaver promise together, as Charles has been staying with his nanny while mum continues to work as a nurse in the community”

No 80: Stan – Great Ellingham Beaver Colony

Group Scout Leader Sue said: “He has done really well, as he’s not been with us very long, as was invested in stage in our local pantomime in February. Another Beaver to be proud of”

No 81 & 82: Archie & Sam – Great Ellingham Scout Troop (Wolf)

Sue, Group Scout Leader said: “Two more Wolf Scouts, brothers Sam and Archie McKay, have completed the Scout in the House Challenge. Again, hugely proud of both of them.
Sam is the oldest Scout and the Senior Patrol Leader, whilst Archie is the youngest Scout and was invested during our St. George’s Day Promise Renewal Zoom Meeting. Two very enthusiastic, dedicated Scouts who are a joy to have in Scouting”

No 83: Vicky – 1st Gorleston Scout Group

No 84: Tobias – 17th Norwich Scouts

Jane DCC Growth said: “First one finished from 17th Norwich Scouts – Tobias!
Tobias has joined in so many challenges and is always keen to be the first to complete them each week. I love the Giraffe made with recycling”

No 85: Connor – 17th Norwich Scouts

Jane DCC Growth said: “Connor has incorporated part of his skills challenge into his scout in the house and has completed many household tasks as well as the cooking”

No 86: Holly – 17th Norwich Scouts

Jane DCC Growth said: “Holly made a fantastic den to sleep in and her mum loved the white chocolate and oreo dessert she made for one of the meals – well done Holly”

No 87: Ethan – 17th Norwich Scouts

Jane DCC Growth said: “Ethan as completed all the challenges whilst also finishing parts of his skills and world challenge.  For international scouting he looked at Spain”

No 88: Stephen – 17th Norwich Scouts

Jane DCC Growth said: “Stephen has completed many challenges, including camping, cooking, craft work, and a lovely collage of all his scouting memories – so many and lots more to come I am sure”

No 89: Caoimhe – 3rd Marshland Scouts

No 90: Connor – 1st Gorleston Cubs

No 91: Alfie – 17th Norwich Scouts

Jane DCC Growth said: “Alfie has completed all his challenges including building a den to sleep in at home , cooking, learning his promise in French and building his own campfire circle in the garden”

No 92: Martha – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

Martha’s Mum Said: “We think Beavers is fantastic and we’re always looking for ways to help Martha grow her confidence, spread her wings while developing practical skills too”.

No 93: George – 17th Norwich Cubs

No 94: Evie – 17th Norwich Scouts

Jane DCC Growth said: “Evie has had great fun completing all her challenges including camping in her back garden for a VE Virtual camp”

No 95: Finley -12th Kings Lynn Beavers

Beaver Leader Tracey said: “Finley joined in with our VE Day challenges which included making a den for his first sleepover and earning his Nights Away badge too!”

No 96: Imogen – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

Beaver Leader Tracey said: “During lockdown Imogen and her family have become proud owners of Reggie, their new dog. Imogen has taken great care of Reggie and completed her Animal care badge, it looks like Reggie enjoyed the sleepover too!”

No 97: Broden – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

Beaver Leader Tracey said: “During our online Beaver meetings Broden has been learning to sign the Beaver Scout promise. Brodens dad told me “Broden is loving being a Beaver and working on his badges”

No 98: Pippa – 1st Mulbarton (Grey) Beavers

No 99: Freddie – 1st Mattishall & District Beavers

No 100: Emily – 17th Norwich Scout Group

Jane DCC Growth said: “Emily is Assistant Scout Leader at 17th Norwich and also a County Trustee and has completed her Scout in the House – she has completed lots of challenges including building a den in her bedroom and making a collage of her scouting memories – well done Emily”

Read Emily’s Scout in the House story here

No 101: Amelie – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 102: Doffy – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 103: William – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 104: Edward – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 105: Nana – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 106: Kwame – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 107: Joseph – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 108: Layla – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 109: Ella – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

No 110: Joshua – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

No 111: Josh – 1st Gorleston Cubs

No 112: Arthur – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

No 113: Cody – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

No 114: Kaitlyn – 2nd Brundall Beavers

No 115: Jack – 12th Kings Lynn Scouts

No 116: Imogen – 12th Kings Lynn Scouts

No 117 – 119: Alyssa, Braiden & Crystal – 12th Kings Lynn Scouts

No 120: Barney – 12th Kings Lynn Scouts

No 121: Henry – 12th Kings Lynn Scouts

No 122: William – 12th Kings Lynn Scouts

No 123: Emily – 12th Kings Lynn Scouts

No 124: William – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

No 125: Albie – 12th Kings Lynn Beavers

No 126: Poppy – 17th Norwich Scouts

No 127 – 129: Melita, Ricardo & Isabel – 17th Norwich Cubs

No 130: George – 1st Gorleston Cubs

No 131: Tracey (Cherry) – 12th Kings Lynn Scout Group

No 132: Oliver (Ash) – 12th Kings Lynn Scout Group

No 133: Ethan – 16th Norwich Scouts

No 134: Rebecca – 16th Norwich Scouts

No 135: Rachel (Keego) – 12th Kings Lynn Scout Group


No 136: Kate (Raksha) – 12th Kings Lynn Scout Group

No 137: Sharon (Laurel) – 12th Kings Lynn Scout Group

No 138: Emma (Chill) – 1st Gorleston Scout Group

No 139 – 140: Jake & Jade – Great Ellingham Explorers

These are the first Explorers to complete the Scout in the House Challenge !

Who will be next to Scout in the House?