Cub Scout Centenary


Dear Cub Scouters,
I need to write to clear up understandings about what might be planned to celebrate the Cub Scout Centenary next year.

Cub Camp
A number of people have contacted me about a possible County Cub Camp in 2016.
I want to be honest that currently there are no arrangements made for a camp.
Unfortunately a number of factors mean that we are now far behind where we should be to organise a safe and successful camp.
I am not prepared to make promises that I cannot keep, so to help Groups and Districts plan, I wanted to share this message.

We must celebrate!
I appreciate that you may find the news about a Cub Camp very disappointing, however I want to reassure you that I do believe that the Cub Centenary is absolutely something we must celebrate!
There are still things that we can do, as a county, to celebrate together. Maybe a fun day? Challenge? Back to basics event?
I want to hear your ideas about what we should do to mark 2016.

Your support
We need to work together to make this happen, so I am looking for Cub Scouters across Norfolk to step up to help make it happen.
Beryl Watts, ADC Cubs from Southern Norfolk, has kindly offered to support me collect your ideas and help pull together a Centenary team to create a proposal.
There is plenty of material online at to help get you thinking.

Next steps
Please get in touch with Beryl with suggestions or offers of help.
I will commit to providing you with an update in April.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to hearing what the Cub section of Norfolk can do.
Yours sincerely

Matthew Burrell
Deputy County Commissioner (Programme and Development)