If you like something tell others…

(photo: 17th Norwich Scouts cooking on a candle)

Remember that sign you used see in shops and restaurants? – If you liked our service tell others, if you didn’t tell us.

Well that is really important for Scouts too. I have a colleague who claims that ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’ – he works in our Customer Advocacy department, so knows what he is talking about.

After we posted the April Dragon Challenges, a few people took to Facebook to say that having a monthly surprise activity was making it hard to plan. – That’s fine, we can change that to make life a little better.

What was really positive was that people said what they wanted and why, it was something I could do, so was happy to help.

Far too often people go into victim mode moaning about how difficult things are, they don’t actually speak up and say what they need to change or what support they need.

So keep the suggestions coming for how things can improve, if my team can’t fix them we might know the right person who can.

Whilst we are on the subject of feedback, don’t until 17 April 2015 we have the opportunity to provide programme feedback directly to HQ via ‘Your Programme, Your Voice’ online survey. – go on give it a go!

Kind regards