Lots of good things!

(photo: my Dragon badge 🙂 )

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a good weekend. I am very excited because my Dragon badge has arrived! – have you ordered yours yet? Find out more details on the Dragon website.

I am loving these lighter evenings too,  I managed to get a cheeky bike ride in after work on Friday!

This is the time of year that our programmes can really turn to being outdoor centric.

Helping out…

Have you seen the following resources, that I thought were really good?

Scouting Magazine April/May:

‘Year of Adventure’ booklet. – packed full of ideas for Cubs for the rest of the year.

‘Get Active’ booklet – some good stuff about fires and backwoods cooking.

Scouting Plus email Friday 10 April:

Shelter Building resource pack – This was a bit small in the email, but HQ have done a good job jazzing up the old shelter building factsheet with colour photos and easy to follow instructions.

Very much outdoors…

The county Duke of Edinburgh Team have been out this weekend supporting seven Explorer Scouts taking part in a Bronze Award practice expedition.

The Zander from the DofE team sent me the following message earlier:

“We all had a successful weekend with great weather (mostly).  The team pulled together; learning a lot of new practical and interpersonal skills during the two day expedition.  The experience made them “better Explorers,” and they learned a lot about themselves; developing new friendships or strengthening existing ones.  Mickey and I were really impressed with how much the group developed over the weekend and look forward to their final.”

I will put some picture up when I get them.

Thanks guys – and well done Explorers!

Almost outdoors…

Beaver Scouts from 25th and 3/4th Norwich Scout Groups have had sleepover this weekend. Although I am sure not much sleeping happened!

Judith AKA ‘Scary’ from the 25th has sent in some pictures of the Dragon biscuits the Beavers made as part of the Dragon challenge.

awaiting decoration being decorated completed All done

Very much indoors…

Last night I went to the annual St George’s Day dinner, hosted by Nickie, our County Commissioner to congratulate members of Norfolk Scouts who have been recognised by the Chief Scout for their good service.

20150411_203825638_iOS 20150411_204157157_iOS 20150411_204656725_iOS

Norfolk has had six Scouters received an award this year, three were at the dinner Miranda Smith, Nicola Cubitt and Danny Daniels. – Well done!

Do you volunteer with someone who deserves to be rewarded for their exceptional efforts or achievements? Why not ask your GSL or DC how to get the ball rolling, it is easier than you think!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening…