Have you heard about the Dragon? and the Challenge?

(picture: Go Go Dragon Flyer)

The blog contains some actions…

  • if you are completing the Dragon Challenge, please see the action for you.
  • If you have not yet ordered Dragon badges, please see the action for you.
  • If you have never heard of the Dragon, please read the blog!

And another weekend approaches…. where does time go.

This has been a bit of a whirlwind week for me as I have been out of the County with work, but still plenty of Scouting stuff going on!

Monday night I met with the Dragon Challenge project team. I am pleased to report that all the challenges have now finalised ready to be released next week.

Trevor, ACC Scouts told the team that he was still meeting people who had yet to hear about the Dragon or the Challenge.

Communication is difficult at the moment and it is a shame to hear people are still in the dark.

So to help I thought I would recap, please share this information with your colleagues:

Go Go Dragons (GGD) involves:

  • an art trail
  • the Scout Dragon
  • young People involvement
  • a challenge
  • two badges

GGD is a massive art installation in Norwich featuring over 80 Dragon sculptures arranged in a trail. Each Dragon has a sponsor who supports the artists to create a design that might represent or have significance to their organisation.

The trail raises money for the charity Break who work to enhance the lives of Young People who are in care, moving out of care, who have disabilities or at risk and families who need some support.

Previous trails (Go Go Gorilla etc have proved very popular with Scouts)

Scout Dragon

This year Norfolk Scouts are sponsoring a Dragon. We are doing this to help raise the profile of Scouting in our community.

Our Dragon has been finished and will be revealed on St. George’s day at a special reception before she visits a number of Scout events prior to going on display.

Young People involvement

So far the project has involved young people in the following ways:

  • seeking designs
  • choosing the final design
  • seeking names
  • choosing her name…. still a secret!

The Challenge

The Dragon Challenge is a series of monthly programme activities for each section based around the theme of ‘Dragons’.

The challenges are designed to be fun and straightforward to complete. Although they monthly challenges how you complete them is up to you, if you want to save them up to do at a camp or sleepover you can.

The challenges are available of a special Dragon Website, along with a preview of the forthcoming challenges.

Two badges

There are two badges available:

  • A round occasional badge that can be worn on uniforms until March 2016. These cost £1 and can be ordered here.
  • A free of charge ‘I completed the Norfolk Scouts Dragon Challenge’ badge that will be provided to groups who complete the challenge.

Actions 🙂

So that we hold appropriate stocks of badges, do not waste money or cause disappointment it would be helpful if you could let Jane Warden now if…

… You intend to buy occasional badges.

…and if you are completing the challenge and how many free of charge badges you think you will need.

I hope that all makes sense.

I have a few other updates but will save them for another blog!

See you soon