Programme opportunity for all sections – Digital Citizen Workshops / Jota / Joti

Last week I met with a small team who are organising an event that will provide young people the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), 2015 Jamboree on the Internet and gain one of the new Digital Citizen staged activity badges.

As well a providing the ability to talk to Scouts from across the world during the weekend a special internet radio station will be broadcast from the event.

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

The foundation sections will be able to take part in the workshops and achieve either Digital Citizen stage 1 or 2 activity badges.

(Tip: The earlier your section commits the more likely the event will be held near your location 🙂 )

Explorers and Network

Young people in these sections will be able play an active role in delivering the Jota and Joti experience, supporting the younger sections.

The Explorer and Network team will help design the workshop content and delivery as well as presenting and creating the internet radio content.

If you fancy yourself as the next Chris Evans or Fearne Cotton then get in touch!

Check out this information for more details

Initial InvitaitonIf you are interested, want to get involved or need more information please contact