Bajestic – our Scout GoGoDragon

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Photos – our Dragon Badges, selfie with Bajestic at her launch, with Bajestic outside the Forum

Good morning to you all, and thank you to Matthew firstly for asking me to Guest Blog this weekend and tell you a little bit about Bajestic – our Scout Dragon,  before she prepares herself to be on the trail from 21st June.

This project started for me last December and I cant believe it’s now only 3 weeks until she is placed on her trail location – which is outside John Lewis in Norwich – I do hope you all have your visits planned whether just as family or friends to go and see her or as part of a group with the young people to go and take that group selfie!

Bajestic started off life as a plain white moulded dragon and thanks to the young people who were asked, the majority thought she should be in Uniform which is when the design could then be put together and handed over to our fantastic artist Jess Copping.  Jess had a uniform laid out in her studio and also visited a Scout Group to look at how the badges sat on a shirt and even to how many times a necker was normally rolled – to ensure every detail was correct. I have to say the first time my husband Paul and myself walked into her studio and saw Bajestic looking our way she did put chills up our spine! Jess has done a fanastic job on bringing the vision to life and I am sure you will all agree!

So we had a dragon but she needed a name – which is where the good people of Norfolk helped  –  we had over 350 name suggestions come into a competition and a Youth Panel consisting of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Networkers met and approached the challenged as a team to come up with the final name.  In the end a name that had been suggested they changed only slightly to decide upon Bajestic.

After her launch on the 23rd April she got over 200 likes on her facebook page in an hour (don’t forget to like this if you havnt already) and has alot of twitter followers @gogo_bajestic

Lastly, if you havnt already seen it, don’t forget to order your special Go Go Dragons Uniform Badge and have a go at the challenges.  There are challenges on there for each month – but they can be completed at any time and the final challenge is to visit Bajestic and make a large version of your group necker and take a pic of yourselves and then post it on twitter or facebook.  Once complete you get the second badge – ‘I completed the Dragon Challenge’ free of charge to wear under the main badge.  These can be worn on your uniforms until next March – for info about or to look at the challenges go to http:/  or follow the link from

Bajestic is currently in the dragons lair and cant wait to meet you all soon – the EDP is also launching a sticker album that you can buy packs of stickers at your local Co-op and try to collect the pics of all the Dragons – I have already pre-ordered mine!!!! (there is info on Bajestics facebook page or the GoGo Dragons official page). I do hope they took her best side when taking the snaps for the stickers 🙂

Have a great time this summer exploring the GoGo Dragons trail – there are 84 large dragons to find, plus if you wish to expand your dragon hunting furthere – 120 small dragons that schools have painted as well!  Trail maps should be avaliable from the Forum from 13th June or downloaded from the GoGo Dragon Official Site.

Its been great guest blogging this morning and I do hope you all get to go and meet her soon. Any Bajestic related questions please do get in touch!!!

Jane Warden  🙂