Bajestic puts Norfolk Scouts on the map!

There is only a week to go until Bajestic, Norfolk Scout’s Dragon will take her place outside John Lewis for the summer.

The Trail Map is now available.

I am really pleased where she has been placed, mainly because I only work around the corner so will probably see her most days. I am looking forward to seeing people enjoying her as part of the trail.

I am also looking forward to starting to see the selfies appearing on Bajestic’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Don’t forget the Dragon Challenge.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Would any Group, Unit or District would like to adopt Bajestic for the day to promote your Scouting? Please get in touch. Here are some details about how you could use this opportunity.

Here are another couple of documents you might find useful or interesting:

Bajestics Badges – Details of all the badges that Bajestic is wearing

Bajestic one pager – A brief summary of the Dragon project and opportunities

It’s all good fun!

Matthew 🙂