Busy weekend!

Young People promoting Scouting at St George's Church

Young People promoting Scouting at St George’s Church


Sorry it’s been nearly two weeks since the last blog! Things have been a little bit busy of late and I had a very busy weekend.

I wasn’t sure I would get time tonight to write some words having been at the Norfolk Show all day (Great work by the way – all the peeps on the Scout and Guide stand!) but as it is stupid degrees C and sleep seems unlikely I thought I would give it a go!

Last week

During last week the County Commissioner and I finalised the appointments to the Programme and Development team, I am really excited about the team that is being up in place. Keep an eye on your emails for an announcement later this week!


This weekend was a complete mix of ‘business’ and pleasure.



I started out by visiting the 17th Norwich Recruitment Day at St. George’s Church on the Sprowston Road. This was a great event designed to remind people that Scouting was there!(and it did!)

The objective was to top up the Beaver and Cub sections and find some additional adults.

Well done to Ian who had coordinated the day and involved a number of local businesses too.

By the time I left Diane, the GSL had collect a few names and a potential Beaver Leader.

and the Dragon…

img_8755After leaving the church I went into the city to spend sometime with Bajestic (our Go Go Dragon). I had a lovely couple of hours talking to people who are involved in Scouting, were involved, or who might become involved. I gave out about 200 stickers – kids still love stickers!!!

I collected the details of a possible community partnership that I can also follow up!

There are still spaces left is you would like to adopt the Dragon for a day!

I then met Alun at the station a went to Diss to spend a super evening with a number of my former Network members, many of us still keep in touch and have become great friends. It is a joy to watch young people that you have supported and mentored grow up, get married, buy houses etc. A true joy of being a leader.


After eventually managing to drag my head from the pillow, I cycled over to Buxton to meet the North East Norfolk Active Support Unit and 105 Beaver Scouts taking part in a Dragon themed fun day.

There were loads of activities ranging from making Dragon fridge magnets, to caving and ‘putting out the Dragon’s fire!

Vereen posted me to the reception desk to help Dru with the group checking in, and I succeeded in completely messing up her system! (sorry Dru!) 🙂

I really think District coordinated activities are a great way forward, they allow adults to make really useful connections with other leaders in their local area, as well as the young people mixing too.

cilewafusae0s63-largeFrom Buxton I cycled back to the Cathedral (getting soaked en route!) to catch up with CC Nickie and a number of volunteers who were manning a stall at the celebration of volunteering event in the cloisters. This was a great opportunity to network with other organisations and meet potential new volunteers. Thanks to all those who helped.

Finally it was back to social, going wine tasting with Alun and Louy… It’s a tough life 🙂

Back to work on Monday for a rest….

Chat soon

Matthew 🙂