Welcome aboard – The team just got bigger!

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Hi Everyone

Hopefully the message has started to get spread about that Nickie has agreed to make some appointments to my team.

Coordinating the selection and appointment process for so many vacancies at once was a bit of an eye opener about how much work (quite rightly) goes into a county team appointment.

So apologies that these has taken slightly longer than I had hoped. I was rather over optimistic with my timescales.

If you have not seen the announcement, don’t worry there is a copy below.

A reminder about the new structure in Programme and Development. The team works in three workstreams:

StructureFoundation: focused primarily on developing the three group based sections.

Adventure: focused primarily on developing the 14-25 provision.

Development: focused on creating more capacity and welcoming more adults and young people to Scouting.

Working together

Development roles

Keep an eye out for more details about development roles from County Office shortly.

Programme roles

Here is the current structure following last week’s announcement.


Here is a copy of the message that was issued on Friday:

It is with great pleasure that we can confirm the following appointments to the Norfolk Scout Programme and Development teams.


Foundation focuses on the growing, development and supporting the group based sections for young people aged 6 to 14 years old.

Tony Millburn, Assistant County Commissioner (Cub Scouts)

Tony joins the team from South West Norfolk, where he is currently Assistant District Commissioner for Cub Scouts, he brings a wealth of Cub Scouting experience to the role. Tony will lead Cub Scouting in Norfolk through the centenary year which we aim to be a year of growth.

Jane Warden, Assistant County Commissioner (Foundation)

Jane moves from her current role in the County Network team to the new role of ACC Foundation. This role aims to coordinate the support given to the younger sections and build on the links between them and Explorer Scouting.

Tony and Jane join Trevor Orford our Assistant County Commissioner (Scouts).

During the search period we unfortunately were unable to recruit an Assistant County Commissioner (Beaver Scouts). This vacancy remains open and we would welcome any enquires from anyone considering the challenge of a county role.


Adventure focuses on creating new and developing existing opportunities for our young people aged 14 to 25. The team aims to support a more consistent quality of programme and increased achievement for the membership.

Adam Osborne, Assistant County Commissioner (Adventure)

Adam joins the team from Northern Norwich, where he is currently District Explorer Scout Commissioner. Adam brings experience from his Explorer Scouting role and running his own adventure business. The role of ACC Adventure encompasses all of the responsibilities of the existing ACC Explorer Scouts and new ACC Network roles.

Matt Kitchin, County Adviser (Queen’s Scout Award & Explorer Belt)

Following the transition of Network programme delivery from County to District, Matt’s current role of County Scout Network Commissioner will come to an end.

A Queen’s Scout himself, Matt’s role will be to provide support and guidance to participants and supporters of participants. The objective of this role is to increase the understanding, kudos and numbers achieving these awards.

Louy Howes, County Adviser (17+)

Louy joins the team following a short break from Scouting. Louy has previous experience in Explorer Scouting in County and District roles as well as supporting the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

The role of the County Adviser (17+) is to promote the opportunities Scouting provides to young people between 18 and 25 both internally and externally. The adviser is also available to provide guidance and support planning to anyone in Scouting wishing to make their team more welcoming to this age range.

Adam, Matt and Louy join Mickey Tucker-Lowe our County Duke of Edinburgh Manager.


Tim Rowe, County Administrator (Programme & Development)

Finally we welcome Tim’s continued contribution to the County in a new role assisting the Programme and Development teams with administration and strategic planning. Tim’s work commitments in London make it difficult to take part in a traditional Scouting role, this role allows Tim to contribute his skills to Scouting in a flexible way.

All roles commence from 1 July 2015, although there will be a period of transition when people will need to wrap up and handover their current activities.

We wish everyone the greatest success in their new challenges and welcome them to the team.

Kindest Regards

Nickie Chapman, County Commissioner and Matthew Burrell, Deputy County Commissioner (Programme and Development)

Any questions please let me know to

Matthew 🙂