The fun, adventure and challenges…

A Young Leader prepares a Deputy County Commissioner to be flung down a hill!

A Young Leader prepares a Deputy County Commissioner to be flung down a hill!

I have been trying to write my blog for a few evenings but have not had a chance to sit down! So I am using the opportunity of a train ride home from Hitchin to get some words down. 🙂

Last week was a busy one, most nights I went straight from work to an engagement, which is good for my waistline as I managed to clock up 145km on my bike over the week. (60 of those were for ‘fun’).

I was invited to four AGMs but only made it to two, Northern Norwich on Monday and Southern Norwich on Wednesday. It was good to meet up with the teams at these. Both Caz (Barr – DC Northern) and Charles (McIlwhan – DC Southern) talked about growth and the challenge this provides them. More work for me and my team to support them!!

Some lovely highlights

Well done to Martin Page and Ellen Batchelor on their appointments in Northern Norwich as District Scout Leaders for Explorers and Network respectively. I know that they will work hard to develop the sections in their patch.

Another super well done to Ellen who was also presented with her Gold D of E broach.

At Southern Norwich Dom Belcher was awarded with his Young Leader belt which he earned by working with the 1st Norwich Cub Scouts – great job.

And last but not least I had the honour of presenting Charles with his DC Woodbadge – good stuff!

Sorry I didn’t make to North West or North East due to diary clashes.

Providing support

I have also been trying to help with a dispute this week, which I obviously can’t tell you very much about. It is only natural that in an organisation of our size that every now and again people will have a bit of difficulty getting on.

However here are three bits of advice from me (resolutions if you like)

  1. Don’t let things build up until you have enough ‘issues’ to weigh yourself down. Deal with niggles there and then to resolve them.
  2. If someone raises something to you, whatever you do, don’t do nothing – this translates as not caring.
  3. If you don’t know what to do to make the other person happy – ask them, and if you can do it, give it a try.

That is all very simple to say I know!

Day Off

Saturday was a bit of a day off, a cycle ride and my employers’ Summer Party, I am really lucky to work for a company who put on this smashing event for their employees and families, so I try to make the point of supporting it.

It is nice to relax with your colleagues out of work and get to know them and their families a bit better – do any Scout Groups do this? We often talk about organising a leaders social but do many of them happen? They should!


Sunday after a run (it’s not pretty folks!), I headed over to see everyone at Northern Norwich’s District Camp. It was great to see loads of young people and adults getting stuck in, even though it was a bit damp!

I was helping out with the Rubber Band guns (These are fantastic – Steve Reynolds made them and Gill Hales looks after them), I was working with Callum a Young Leader from 44th Norwich Cubs.

He told me that he enjoyed being a YL, that it has increased his confidence and he enjoys having the responsibility to look after younger people. Then I asked him the million dollar question – and the answer was yes he does want to be a Cub Leader at 18 (Well done 44th Norwich)

A big thank you and well done to those people who made that great camp happen.

Well this week doesn’t appear to be any less busy – it’s 18:15 and the train is now pulling into the Station from where I am hot footing it to the regular Senior Management Team (SMT) that Nickie, David, Neville and I have….

….. 23:30 and a proof read and post of this blog post. Busy busy busy – but the Summer holidays are just around the corner!

Matthew 🙂