Welcome back!

Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been a while. I took a break during August, and then, before I knew it September had vanished too.

I hope that you all had a great summer.

So here is just a quick update of what has been going on…

Team Day

The Programme and Development Team (My team) had our first team day last Sunday. It was a great to get everyone together and we had a really productive day,

We were really lucky to be joined by Nickie our CC, Matt Mills, Regional Commissioner via video and Jay Thompson, Deputy UK Youth Commissioner in person.

We have put some meat on the bones of our County plan and the team have picked up some hefty tasks!

Celebrating Success

Bronze award recipients getting a round of applause

Bronze award recipients getting a round of applause

It was lovely to join East Norfolk at Great Yarmouth Town Hall on Wednesday to celebrate young people gaining top awards. This was a great night with so many proud young people, leaders and parents.


Hopefully you have heard the great news that Bajestic our Dragon has been secured for Norfolk Scouting. Thank you to everyone who donated to her bidding pot.

She is going to live at EVAC, but will still be available to travel to events etc.

The auction was a bit nerve wracking but worth it! We also picked up some great coverage on Radio Norfolk and the EDP.

Dragons awaiting the auction

Dragons awaiting the auction

Explorer Birthday Camp

Me at Birthday Camp

Me at Birthday Camp

I visited Birthday Camp this weekend at Two Mile Bottom, I wasn’t expecting to be there Friday night sot it was great to get round and chat to so many Explorer Scout Leaders and Explorers.

There is also 3G at the site now so I was able to spend a few quiet hours catching up on emails. – Great stuff!

A big thank you to Carl Meadows for pulling this event together for the 90 people who attended, and for being there when he perhaps shouldn’t!

That’s just a quick update. I will share more, soon… I promise!