Being realistic

Sometimes as a volunteer you have to be realistic.

So today, was the day that we were due to drive to Luton to get a flight to Mallorca tomorrow for a cheeky week away.

It was also the regional development day, and the annual disaster recovery test at work.

No problem – after all I am a super-hero: wrong!

So I check with the the guys and there is wifi at the venue, great! So I can do my testing for work via VPN whilst also being that the development day!

So the development day wasn’t in Newmarket like I expected it was actually near Huntingdon.

But it’s ok I will hire a car to get there, and then meet the family at the airport… Wrong no where to drop the car off!

Ohhhhh…. Eventually I admit defeat and pass on my apologies that I cannot attend the development day….

….then the windscreen breaks in our car so if I had have hired a car I would have got to the airport but the family wouldn’t! (Luckily I am insured on my mum’s car)…

Oh and the disaster recovery test went really badly starting at 8am and finishing at 10 minutes before I left for the airport!!

Phone calls every 30 minutes and lots of testing needed – it would have ruined the development day.

Proves that sometimes it pays to keep it simple! – old saying ‘family, work then Scouts’ 🙂

I did do some Scouting today – replying to lots of emails from Cubs taking part in Joti – but Jane will tell you about that!

See you soon,

Me finally at the airport!

Me finally at the airport!