YouShape, D of E and #BPA2016…

A very sneaky advert seen on the way back from the pub – I love it!!!

A very sneaky advert seen on the way back from the pub – I love it!!!

Hello everyone!

That’s another week gone on the slippery slope to Christmas! And it has been a busy one. I have already told you about the Bernard Matthew’s Awards.


I need to start with a blatant plug for YouShape 2016. The applications close for this event on Thursday.

YouShape 2016 is a national youth conference taking place 5-7 February 2016, we had three people attend last year and it is important we support this, if we are serious about young people having a voice.

Find out more details on and see if you can spot Rob from Eastern Norwich in the video!


On Wednesday I went to BeWILDerwood (BW) with Jane to meet Ben the operations manager, it was a really great meeting and they are keen to work with Scouting to celebrate the 30th birthday of Beavers.

It’s all a big secret at the moment so I can’t tell you that there is going to be a Beaver Fun Day at BW on Sunday 18 September 2016 or share this flyer. – so please don’t tell everyone! 🙂


After BW we went to Eaton Vale, Jane and I had a catch up and then I gate-crashed Tony’s County Cub meeting, I am hoping that Tony will guest blog next week to tell you about that.

Kidnapped DC

I have to make a big apology to Phil from North West Norfolk after I stole his meeting partner, Rowland for the entire meeting for a ’10 minute chat’ – sorry guys!!

It was great to catch up with Rowland, I think he shares my love of a spreadsheet – I can smell it! 🙂 We were talking about his development planning and how our conference in January can move that forward. – Thanks!

Development ASU

Thursday I met with the Development ASU, (one member at the minute!) but we laid out some plans for supporting a group that needs Cub Leaders, workshops for the conference and being present at Spring Fling in 2016.

We also talked about needing more members – I think this will be a really interesting unit to volunteer with if you want more details check this out.

While we are looking forward here are some other bits to consider….

#BPA2016 Night Hike

Our annual night hike competition for Explorer Scouts and Network will be held in the East of the county over the weekend of 20/21 February 2016.

A slight change to this year’s competition is that the price will be £40 per team, regardless of numbers of people in the team, so it makes sense to bring a team of six!

More details about booking will be available soon. We are currently looking for Zone Leaders, if you or someone you know think you have what it takes a look at the BPA Zone Leader Role Description and get in touch.

Duke of Edinburgh 2016

The expedition and training dates for the 2016 County D of E season are now available.

Norfolk offers a very comprehensive package to support our young people to complete the awards, if you or someone you support want to take part or need more information please contact us.

Well lots of Sunday jobs to do…. so I better get on!