Simon is on the right track(er)!

cubs100-logoCheck out the new alternative Cub 100 Challenge tracker, created by a Cub Leader.

I was really chuffed on Sunday to receive an email from Simon, a Cub Scout Leader from Eastern Norwich.

Simon has been reviewing the Cub 100 Challenge information and spotted a better way to record his pack’s progress.

Thinking that the County tracker will be difficult to keep tabs on Cubs working through challenges at a different pace, Simon has spent time to create his own tracker, that we are delighted he would like to share with everyone.

Here is Simon’s Cub 100 Section Challenge Tracker

Tony, ACC Cub Scouts says “I want to thank Simon Eke, ACSL of 2nd Brundall for his great work in adapting the Cub 100 Tracker in to a section wide version.

We will be adding his version to the tracker available so we may all benefit from this great piece of work”

I totally echo Tony’s comments, this is exactly the pro-active and positive action from leaders that will keep Scouting dynamic and relevant.

So often do we hear people moaning when things don’t work or are not as expected, stepping outside of your formal responsibilities to design or suggest an alternative helps everyone out.

So, Thank You Simon, you’re right on track!

Matthew 🙂