In January 1914 a pilot programme for younger boys named ‘Wolf Cubs or Junior Scouts’ was launched and 12 months later the section was 10,000 strong.

After a two-year trial it was time to decide what to do with the Wolf Cubs. In June 1916 the first Cubmasters Conference was held and the following month Lady Scoutmaster Vera Barclay, who established one of the first Cub packs in 1914 was appointed as Assistant Secretary – Cubs.

To mark the century of Cub Scouting, Cub Packs across Norfolk are invited to take part in a host of local and national celebration activities including parties, the Norfolk Cub 100 Challenge, It’s a Knockouts and fun days.

For more details of what your pack or your child can be getting involved with see our special Cubs 100 Resource Centre.

If you are a parent why not ask your child’s Cub Leaders how they will be celebrating, and how you can get involved…