Conference Live

A big thank you for everyone who contributed to the success of Conference 2016, We hope you all got home safely.


The final session of the conference was the delivery of feedback collated by the observers in Saturday’s team building activity by Neville.

Finally, County Commissioner, Nickie and Regional Commissioner, Matt closed conference with some thoughts for the teams to take away and revealed some of the development resources provided by the Norfolk Scout Development ASU that have been given to Districts.

Everyone started to leave, passing on  cheerful and inspiring comments about their experiences this weekend as they went.


After another splendid Burlington Lunch the conference reconvened in District groups to discuss the workshop sessions and share learns.

Another hour was invested in some final alterations and ides in the development plans that have evolved over the weekend.

Sunday 24 January

This morning commenced with Scout’s Own led by our County Chaplain, Andrew.

We then listened to Paul and Rowland share the details of the District time they spent on Saturday and the key outputs that had been added to the District Plans.

The delegates moved into small groups to take part in a selection of workshops that included:

Group Recruitment Day
Reviews and Recognition
Engaging and utilising 18 – 25 year olds
Executive Committees
County Training Manager
Raising your profile (media)
Programme updates

After the workshops the delegates broke for lunch.



The conference sessions drew to an end about 17:00.

The DCs and Senior team had a debrief and agreed the day had been really productive.

We will get a walk through with each District tomorrow.

Everyone is now congregating for the County Commissioner’s drinks reception and will hear a few words from her and Chris Foster from Gilwell Park

We will then be moving into dinner with entertainment with a special Cubs 100 theme




This afternoon the Districts have been using the full afternoon time allocated to them to create and focus their plans.

North East Norfolk have discussed a number of topics including Young Leaders and growing groups. In the North West room the group was discussing communications and adult training.

15:45 – Next Door Special

During the afternoon a few members of the county team went up the road to see East Norfolk District who are holding a ‘Grow your Group’ session at the Furzedown hotel.

Topics being discussed were Young Leaders, growing the Active Support membership, updating district records and future events.

Mildred the Crocclebog came too!


Lunch has finished and everyone is feeling full!

In the first session after lunch, Regional Commissioner, Matt revisits the Scouting for All strategy and the challenges that Norfolk need overcome to achieve our vision

The Districts are now breaking back in their teams to continue developing their plans and ensuring Scouting for All is incorporated.


Districts have been working since midday discussing the Red Amber Green and SWOT analysis that they have conducted prior to conference.

The County Team have been sneaking around ear wigging!

Lots of productive discussion about communications, skills sharing and bringing people closer together.


The team building exercise has finished.

Each team built a model of the Blackpool Tower out of resources that they had been given, borrowed or earned. The session was completed with high level feedback delivered by Admin Re and the Scout observers.

General opinion from the room was that it was a highly motivating activity that raised energy levels and got some people introduced to new members of the team.

The Admin Re team said that they really enjoyed working with us.


The first activity of the day is a team building activity for our senior District Volunteers.

Professional Trainers from a financial services company called Admin Re (part of the Swiss Re Group), have volunteered their time to deliver some of their profressional course material to participants.

Neville welcomes Gill, Steve and Tim who are being supported by observers from the Norfolk Scouts team.

Heads are down and people are tackling the task in hand!


Conference has started, everyone settled down to find out about the logistics and housekeeping with David DCC Support Services.  (with the help of Lego David)


County Commissioner, Nickie welcomed everyone and gave her vision for the the conference. The outcome is to plan a way to deliver more amazing experiences to more young people.

DCC Programme and Development, ran through the programme of the day and handed over to DCC Adult Support, Neville


Saturday 23 January – 09:30

It’s a bright and fresh morning at the Burlington Hotel in Great Yarmouth and volunteers from North East Norfolk and North West Norfolk districts have arrived to start their weekend of development planning and team building.

The County Senior Management Team, District Commissioners, Paul and Rowland and Regional Development Officer Glenn, arrived last night for the final tweaks to the programme for the weekend.

All is looking to be a great weekend.