Mildred & BeWilderwood Questions

Jane Warden, ACC Foundation, answers some frequently asked questions about our new little friend!

I have had lots of questions re the Mildreds and the BeWILDerwood visit – so here are the answers!
No – please don’t sew anything onto Mildred (she would love some Mildred size neckers though!)
Yes – you can sew name tapes onto her bag to show where she has been
Yes – you can start a diary if you wish
Yes – you can post pictures of where Mildred has been

Please don’t lose her!! – please can the last group bring her to BeWILDerwood in September and they will be given back to groups to keep at the end of the day (we will be looking at the pictures of where Mildred has been and having the most fun!)

No – if you have a child that has an annual membership you do not have to pay for them but please include in your numbers but note on the form and ensure you have the card with you.

Yes – you will get a booklet and lots of information when you send in your final numbers

Yes bookings do have to be in by the 18th March (to book your colony in) the park is going to be open to the public and we need to give them an idea of how many will be coming so they don’t sell out when online bookings starts for the season at Easter

Yes final numbers do need to be in and payments by the 22nd July – is this to capture all this before the holidays and give BeWILDerwood our final numbers (again as above so they don’t oversell!)
Booking form is on the Beaver30 resource page

Many thanks – Jane Warden, ACC Foundation