This week is #YouShape Week!

How can you help Young People shape Scouting? There’s plenty of resources to support you!

YouShape aims to empower young people to shape their Scouting at a national and local level. We are encouraging all sections to engage and take part in activities that enable members to shape their Programme and take part in the national conversation between 1-7 February 2016.

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Scouts from a Norwich Troop took part in a YouShape night recently, their leaders used the fantastic support material available at

Here is what some of the Scouts had to say…

Sami (aged 14) – felt good to know what we say is heard, and found it interesting

Freya (aged 14) – loved the cotton bud debate and the snowball fight and I want to be a Youth Commisisoner!

Jack (aged 12) – it was hard work! And I like to say a lot and found it hard with only 3 cotton buds in the debate, I had to think what to say to make it count

Scarlett (aged 10) – nice to join in with the teams, and in the debate I got to speak which sometimes with the older ones there I don’t get to do

Jake (aged 16)  – fab to see most of the programme from last year was seriously cool or cool – #scouting-rocks

They’re not the only ones getting involved, with Young People from Southern Norfolk taking part in a Youth Forum next week too!


Why not make an opportunity for every young person from Beavers through to Network to get involved either online or at your meeting place?

Youth Shaped Scouting isn’t a new concept; empowering young people to decide, design and implement their own programme and experiences is what Scouting really does well but we do want to ensure that this continues and is embedded in all that the movement provides.