‘The Arnolds’ win #ScoutsBPA 2016

‘The Arnolds’ – a team of Explorer Scouts from Southern Norwich have won this year’s BPA Competition.

BPA was held overnight on 20/21 February, take a look at the updates below from the night. The full results will be available soon at

19 Teams of Explorer Scouts have set off on this year’s BPA Night Hike competition and will compete through the night.

BPA, which stands for Baden Powell Anniversary, is an overnight activity hike for Explorer Scouts and adult teams in Norfolk.

Teams are given twelve hours of darkness to walk the circular route and complete the challenges, which they find along the way. Points are awarded for finishing each section of the route, completing the challenges and for their conduct and teamwork throughout.


The main HQ at Filby Village Hall has been filling up with teams from about 06:30. Some have completed the whole route while others have not been so lucky this time. All have done fantastically well on a very wet evening.

The general rule is that a team arrives, checks in, eats their emergency rations them fall asleep anywhere they can get comfortable.

As the final scores arrive from bases the central administration team have worked out the important final scores for the presentation just after 08:00.

After the winners, ‘The Arnolds’ and second place team, ‘Nelson’s Victory’ are awarded with the BPA trophies by event organiser,Shaun Culling and Assistant County Commissioner (Adventure), Adam Osborne, the Explorer Scouts head home and another successful night concludes thanks to the help of nearly 70 adult volunteers.


Eight hours into the competition and the teams are still going strong. The weather has not been kind so far but the rain appears to be clearing.

As the Explorers start to get tired working together on the zone tasks becomes a greater challenge.


The radio traffic is picking up at the competition HQ as the teams start to arrive at zones to take part in a set of challenges to help them earn points.


This year’s BPA is being held in the East Norfolk area with Competition HQ being based at Filby Village Hall.

Check in opened at 17:00 and all 19 team successfully completed their kit checks. At 19:00 the competition started and teams started walking.