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Regional Innovation & Support Days

The East of England Regional Services Team are running two Innovation & Support Days in September and October for volunteer managers covering the following topics:

  • Feeling Valued
    Being a GSL is not always easy, or is it?
  • It’s all in the Team Work
    As a DC where do I start?
  • We are all in this Together
    DESCs & SNCs making sure you are part of the wider Team
  • We need more volunteers!
    But we have tried everything!
  • Making the most of our Volunteers
    They were here last week and now they’ve gone!
  • Hey I want to talk to you!
    I thought I was a good communicator?
  • What’s in it for me?
    I would really like to know!
  • How does Scout Network work in reality?
    Being A SNC is a great role!
  • Looking to the future
    Are we ready for it?

The events are aimed at those holding Group Scout Leader, District Commissioner, District Explorer Scout Commissioner and Scout Network Commissioner roles and are being held on 25th September in Bedford and 15th October in Ipswich. The same programme will run on both days so there is no need to attend both.

There will also be a marketplace running throughout the day offering you the following opportunties:

  • Order or purchase items from Scout Shops
  • Spend time talking to experts to get free information and assistance
  • Each County will have a stall. If you have something that you want promoted let your County know.
  • An opportunity to meet the NEW Regional Services Team who support you in the East of England and gain a clear understanding on the types of projects they might be able to work on with you.

For more information and details on how to book, see the event’s page on Eventbrite.