Happy 30th Birthday Beavers!


Over 1100 Beavers and 500 Leaders from Norfolk Beaver Scouts celebrated 30 years of Beaver Scouting today at BeWILDerwood.

A fun packed day was had with a range of activities from Den Building to Zip Wires, Face Painting to Boat Trips. Everyone had a fantastic day!

Jane Warden (Assistant County Commissioner Foundation) and her team have been working extremely hard for 12 months to bring this day of celebration together.
A team of over 35 volunteer leaders have worked together to make today a success. The staff team at BeWILDerwood were extremely accommodating and went the extra mile to make the Beavers’ day extra special.

The Beavers were split into groups and each group moved around a variety of zones that were packed with activities, challenges and fun things to do.

1st Thorpe Beavers, Anya, Charlie and Oscar said that they “Really enjoyed the day and all of the activities that we can do”.
Anya said “It was great and there is lots to do”.

Norfolk Beaver Scouts were also joined by Graeme Hamilton who is a Deputy UK Commissioner for Programme. Graeme travelled all the way from Glasgow to join the celebrations. He was pleased to see such a well organised event with hundreds of young people enjoying themselves and having so much fun.


BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Kayleigh Poacher was able to spend the day with the Beavers too. Kayleigh was impressed with the whole event and how much fun the Beavers were having. She managed to interview lots of young people and adults for a radio article on the Nick Conrad Breakfast Show.


Kayleigh managed to catch up with Helen from 1st Gorleston Explorer Scouts who was one of the Young Leaders who volunteered today. Kayleigh asked Helen why she volunteers in Scouting, particularly with Beavers.
Helen said “I like volunteering with Beavers as I enjoy working with young people. I enjoy all of the fun things they do, and it has helped me decide that I want a career as a teacher so volunteering with young people is great experience for me as well as having lots of fun”.


The Norfolk Scouts Beaver 30th birthday was a fantastic success and it is all down to Jane and her team of dedicated volunteers.