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Welcome Dom!


As you will have seen from Dom’s message,  I have agreed to appoint him as Norfolk’s first County Youth Commissioner.

I’m really pleased to welcome Dom to the County Team and know that he’ll contribute greatly to the continued development and progress of Norfolk Scouts.

A Youth Commissioner is not an honorary role, a status symbol or token young person that we can roll out to the public and the press. Our team must demonstrate true role model behaviours by engaging and understanding in far more depth what drives, attracts and retains young people and adults in our movement.

It is for that reason that I wanted, very early on into appointment as County Commissioner, to appoint a Youth Commissioner to help with some of the decisions and changes that I, my deputies and the team make.

To accelerate the process, appointment and help ensure success, I choose to select a Youth Commissioner directly for a two year appointment.

Dom is someone I have watched grow through Scouting and know that I can work very well with to delivery our mutual goals.

I know that there are many other dynamic, inspirational young people across Norfolk who can make an equal contribution to a youth shaped county. We will be reaching out to them in May when Dom will lead the search group to find our second Youth Commissioner. We will then look to appoint a third in January 2018 and fourth in June 2018.

My vision is to have a Youth Commissioner team of four, each at various stages in their appointments, able to support each other to settle in and get to work.

I am sure you will join me in welcoming Dom to the role, wishing him the best and supporting him in his new challenge.

Best wishes


Matthew Burrell | County Commissioner (Norfolk)


For information:

Dom’s email address is

His line manager is Jane Warden, Deputy County Commissioner for Programme.

You can also view Dom’s Role Description and initial role objectives.