New County Structure

On 1 April 2017 the County operational structure changed to a new model that we will be using going forward

I wanted to take a little time to explain briefly the new structure and why we are changing.

Firstly, I want to explain the approach, when I was appointed in January we had already committed to a number of arrangements in 2017. It is imperative that anything we have promised to deliver, we do, so there is a transition period that lasts until the end of the year. During that time we will also be working hard to fill vacancies and better define the work we will be doing.

There is some more detailed information below.


Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner (Norfolk)

Why we are restructuring?

As a county team we need to be best positioned to support Scouting’s growth and development for the next few years, the core areas we assist this are:

Our programme – helping section leaders and district teams have the knowledge and opportunities to deliver a brilliant programme to our young people.

Our adults – investing in our people, providing them with the training, development, skills and support to provide week-in-week-out adventure, make them feel valued and want to stay.

Our presence – delivering the activities and events that add to programmes or showcase us to the outside world and say Scouting is something you want to do.

Our future – opening new sections, new groups and encouraging more young people and adults to join in Scouting.

How will the county be structured?

Alongside the Executive and central functions, moving forward, our outputs will be focused through four defined work-streams these will focus on offering brilliant support to our members in Districts and Groups and enable Scouting to welcome more young people and adults to join.

The work-streams are:


Led by Deputy County Commissioner, Jane Warden.

This work-stream will focus on supporting leaders to deliver the week-in-week-out balanced programme to our members, overcoming challenges and improving the quality of programmes. This will encourage more to join and more existing members to stay.

Adult Development and Support

Led by Deputy County Commissioner, Neville Jarvis.

This work-stream will focus on developing adults with knowledge, Scouting and technical skills to expand the role they can play in delivering quality and exciting programmes. By investing in our adults we believe they will feel more valued and  encourage their peers to join.


Led by Deputy County Commissioner, David Cubitt

This work-stream will focus on delivering events that provide one off adventures for our young people or that promote Scouting as well as supporting the County’s Scout Active Support Units. There is an expectation that County provides these activities and by centralising this support will ensure that the projects are good quality, on time and on budget.


Led by Deputy County Commissioner Growth (vacancy)

This work-stream will focus purely on growth opportunities, supporting Districts to open new sections or groups or growing sections that already exist. It will look for adults and young people who want to join the Scouting adventure.

This area will help focus the resources available from Scout Headquarters and negotiate opportunities in the many new communities that are being created in Norfolk’s rapid house building schemes.

Who will be working in the work-streams?

A number of reporting lines have changed, here is an organisation chart to show who will be working in each area.

I am interested in one of the vacancies!

You will see that there are a number of opportunities to fill in the work-streams. We will be advertising these vacancies after Easter.

However the role descriptions are now available for most of these roles for you to review and start to see if this is something that interests you or you know someone who would enjoy that challenge.

Role Descriptions


Assistant County Commissioner (Beaver Scouts) NSRD ACC Beaver Scouts

Assistant County Commissioner (Cub Scouts) NSRD ACC Cub Scouts

Assistant County Commissioner (Network and Top Awards) NSRDP07 ACC Network and Top Awards

Assistant County Commissioner (International) NSRD ACC International

Assistant County Commissioner (External Programme Partnerships) NSRD ACC External Programme Partnerships

County Adviser (Duke of Edinburgh) NSRD Adv Duke of Edinburgh

For queries or an informal chat about any of these roles please contact Jane Warden


Assistant County Commissioner (Events) x 3 NSRD ACC Events

County Quartermaster (Role Description to follow)

For queries or an informal chat about any of these roles please contact David Cubitt

Adult Support and Delivery

Manager of the Activity and Nights Away Permit Schemes  (Role Description to follow)

Assistant County Commissioner (Safety) NSRD ACC Safety

For queries or an informal chat about any of these roles please contact Neville Jarvis


Deputy County Commissioner (Growth) (Role Description to follow)

For queries or an informal chat about this role please contact Matthew Burrell