Members News

Compass improvements

Rachel Davidson, Membership Engagement Manager at The Scout Association has provided an update on two Compass enhancements

Length of Service Awards

As you will have seen in Scouting Plus on 14 July, all Length of Service Awards from before August 2016 are now showing on members’ records in Compass. Awards accrued from August 2016 to present are now being worked through and will be on Compass (and associated certificates mailed out) in the next two months.

In the autumn we will return to the usual frequency of adding Length of Service awards to Compass and sending out the certificates every two months.

Training records in Compass

We are aware there has been an ongoing issue with assigning correct training records from the old membership management system (MMS) to Compass. Work is taking place to ensure that, wherever possible, the records of training modules and Wood Badges completed historically can be added to members’ profiles by the end of Autumn 2017.

As part of this work, we will be implementing a data fix to amend some roles that were previously migrated from MMS to ensure they show correctly on Compass. Members may notice changes such as a minor alteration of a role title or a role becoming visible that they were previously not able to view on their record.

Further details about the data fixes and additional guidance and support will be made available on the Compass Support Website when these changes are implemented.

We have prioritised those issues causing the most impact locally to the majority of members, but we continue to review the log of all requested updated and changes received from members. If you have any questions or feedback please share this via the Scout Information Centre.