County Youth Commissioner

An update on the appointment of a second youth commissioner

I wanted to provide an update about the recently advertised second county youth commissioner role.

Unfortunately following a search group and selection process we were unable to make an appointment into the role.

While this may seem disappointing, I am not particularly worried. The youth-led agenda in Norfolk has come a long way since I was appointed in January.

Dom has been doing a great job visiting, talking to and supporting young people and their leaders and many districts have now appointed their own District Youth Commissioners.

I believe the people who want to drive youth shaped Scouting are in position regardless if that is a District or County appointment. I know that they will work together, share ideas and hold decision makers to account!

For that reason and with Dom’s agreement, I have asked that we do not seek for further candidates for our second youth commissioner at this time. We will look again in January in keeping with our initial time table of one youth shaped appointment every six months.

If you have any questions about You Shape or Youth Shaped Scouting please contact our County Youth Commissioner, Dom Belcher.

Kind regards


Matthew Burrell – County Commissioner (Norfolk)