World Scout Jamboree Contingent Update

Beka Millard, ACC International provides an update about Norfolk’s World Scout Jamboree preparations.

World Scout Jamboree Contingent Update 1  

September 2017 

Hello, I am Beka Millard, Assistant County Commissioner (International), also known as the ACC(I). I wanted to give you a quick update about our World Scout Jamboree contingent.  

Contingent Leaders 

A selection panel for Contingent Leaders was created which includes previous contingent leaders and participants of World Scout Jamborees. 

We received twelve applications from five Districts, and a further two were received after the deadline. These were reviewed and shortlisted to those who we invited to interview. 

The interviews for the contingent leaders took place in August. The panel invited five leaders to interview, of which four agreed. 

I am pleased that following this process I can confirm that our Contingent Leaders are 

  • Penny Harris  
  • Michael Price 

We wish them every success with their new responsibilities. 

Young People Selection 

Our next step is to move onto the selection of the young people. We had an amazing 79 applications from Norfolk Young People for the 18 available places.  

This far exceeded our predicted number of applications and will create for a tough selection process and so we propose to have information evenings in September to provide the young people and their parents/ guardians with the relevant information required for them to make a fully informed decision.  

Because of the number of applications forms I have investigated the possibility of increasing the size of our contingent with UK Scout Headquarters. Unfortunately, at this time all UK Contingent units have been allocated, however our interest has been noted. 

All the young people will be invited to take part in a selection camp in October, which will be coordinated Phil Wright (ACC Events) and me in conjunction with the contingent leaders.  

We will then be in a position to confirm the final contingent by November this year, which gives a good 18 months for them to run training camps, bond and fundraise, which we envisage will be organised by the contingent leaders, with some support as required. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 

Rebecca Millard  Assistant County Commissioner (International)