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Creating a plan for Norfolk Scouts

Some details about how we will develop our strategic plan from Matthew

To successfully continue to develop and grow Scouting in Norfolk to provide skills for life to more and more young people we need to have an overarching plan that details:

  • What we are going to need to achieve
  • How we are going to try to achieve it
  • What the outcomes will be


The time is now right to start creating what the plan will look like and a small working group has come together to complete those activities. The following people are in the group:

  • Matthew Burrell
  • Rena Savage
  • Marylyn Evans
  • Tim Rowe
  • Karen Martin
  • John Sweeney

The team have started working and I wanted to explain what the steps will be.

Important factors to the creation of our plan will be making sure that everyone who wants to, can contribute ideas to it, and that it is not rushed. I expect that the plan will go through two or three draft stages until it is finalised.

Step 1 – Collecting Feedback (September)

We want to collect feedback from our adults, young people and parents to understand what they value from Scouting, why they take part and what they enjoy. We also want to explore what people see as the barrier to Scouting and volunteering.

This will be done in two main ways:

Young People

All section leaders will be encouraged to ask young people in their sections four simple questions, collate the results and return them to the County Office.


Four different groups of adults will be contacted by email to collect their feedback using special online surveys.

The groups are:

  • Leaders
  • Managers, Supporters and Active Support
  • Trustees
  • Occasional Helpers
  • Parents

Because we don’t record parent information on Compass, the Occasional Helper and Parent survey will be sent to all Occasional Helpers and they will be asked to select which category best describes their role in Scouting.


Step 2 – Review and County Team Input (Team Day)

The feedback that we collect will provide the backbone of a set of artefacts that we will use at our County Team day on Sunday 15 October.

Also on that day we will review the national draft plan for the Scouting strategy for the next few years.

Everyone will be encouraged to have their input to start shaping the draft County Plan.


Step 3 – Draft Plan Creation

During the last couple of months the County Plan Working Group will start to create a draft County Plan based on the feedback, discussions and input leading up to and including the County Team Day.


Step 4 – Further County Team Input (County Conference)

At our County Conference on 27 and 28 January 2018, the draft County Plan will be presented and over the course of the weekend we will go through in detail all the key points add priorities and agree measures.


Step 5 – Draft Plan Finalisation

The County Plan Working Group will take away all the material produced at the Conference and work this into a finalised County Plan. This will be reviewed and agreed at a March 2018 Team Day, before being formally approved by the Board of Trustees (BOT).


Step 6 – Launch

During the first half of 2018 the County Team with the support of Districts will share both the UK Strategy for Scouting, but also the supporting County Plan to demonstrate joined up thinking between County and HQ, and to promote buy in and answer questions.


Next Step and Actions for County Team Members…

  1. Look out for communication to Section Leaders asking for feedback from Young People. Promote this activity using the simple collection methods designed by the Programme Workstream.
  2. Promote the completion of the Adult Surveys and explain to anyone who asks how their inputs will be used.


Further information

For your information, you can view copies of the Young People feedback tool.

The questions for each group of Adults can be found here:

Section Leaders

Managers Supporters and Active Support


Occasional Helpers


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact any member of the County Plan Working Group.



Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner (Norfolk)