Basically, A Great Weekend

“Cooking our own food over an open fire”, “Making new friends”, “Whittling with proper knives” were just some of the comments that were heard at the closing of South West Norfolk’s first back to basics Cub camp last weekend!

18 Cubs from 4 different packs came together with leaders for a weekend of cooking outdoors and learning to cook for themselves.

The camp opened with the lighting of the main fire and the Cubs soon learning that if they wanted to eat, they had to get a fire of their own going to cook their lunch on!

No-one went hungry as they learnt how to light a fire and how to keep it going for the rest of the day to accommodate dinner as well. The Cubs were given army ‘bivouacs’ and after a bit of trial and error worked out how to put them up and how to help each other. #teamwork

Further activities included making para-cord bracelets, whittling and of course preparing the vegetables for dinner. In between wood collecting and everything else, they spent time making friends with cubs from the other packs, which many said was their favourite thing about camp.

As darkness fell, everyone gathered around the camp fire where stories, songs and games were shared followed by the mandatory marshmallows. #yumyum

After a good nights sleep, the Cubs relit the fires to cook their breakfasts before carrying on with activities.

The closing ceremony saw each Cub and leader, pouring some water on the main fire and saying what they had most enjoyed about camp. Making friends, and cooking on the open fires came out as the most popular, so as leaders we felt we had achieved what we had set out to do.

The things leaders learnt during the camp: knives are safer than vegetable peelers, small twigs can be as big as your arm, cubs can cook and Cubs can stay in their tents until after 7 in the morning!

Thoughts are already coming together on how we can improve on this for next year, so all in all a great weekend.

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