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Scouting Magazine – Hot topics from the County Team!

The latest edition of the Scouting Magazine has just come out, online and in print. You can find it here

We’ve asked the County Team to give it a good read and highlight what stood out for them and to share it with us.

First up we have Matthew.

Matthew Burrell – County Commissioner

Girls in Scouting, page 9.

Everyone knows that Scouting is for girls and boys right? Well no, not right. Take a look at Kester Sharpe’s reply to the question “We don’t have any girls in our group” question on page 9 and find out what percentage of people surveyed know what we know!

Preparing Better Futures, page 57.

Check out the  summary of Scouting’s draft strategy until 2023 on page 57. Our recent Adult Survey and County Team Day was used to consider our response to this strategy.

You will see the focus of the strategy is on the impact we have on Young People but makes it clear that we need more adults and making a better investment in our volunteer’s development.

We are working on our County Strategy that will support Scouting’s vision and help us to continue keeping Norfolk as brilliant place to be a Scout. You can find the outputs from our survey and team day here.

Jane Warden – Deputy County Commissioner (Programme)

Crisis talks, page 77.

This is a really interesting piece about how to explore the refugee situation with any section and fits nicely into areas of the World Challenge  – six great programme activities to try for your sections. page 77.

Human kindness, page 37.

This topic also fits into the World Challenge and a good read for adults about how the migration and refugee situation has changed over the years, followed by a look at how a Group of Explorer Scouts from Kent have tackled this. page 37.

At the end of this article there is a link to a resource pack – this has great ideas in it to use in having a discussion first – in fact, I found this pack when looking for information on this subject to talk to some Scouts about a few weeks back, I learnt a lot from it.

Neville Jarvis – Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Development and Support)

Summer of Fun, page 72.

Planning for camps and activities with useful links to nights away, activity permits, safety, safeguarding and in touch. Fits in with everything needed for the next adventure.

Inclusivity, page 10.

Enabling full participation for disabled young people. Supports people and programme making activities available  to all.


David Cubitt – Deputy County Commissioner (Operations)

Nurturing Confidence – Page 74

We need to nurture our young leaders, leaders and Young People to help them gain confidence. I have seen this with young leaders who have come to an event as a very shy person and not overly confident but by the end they have developed to a more confident person.

In With The New – Page 63

As the article say the new year brings with it change. This will be the first full year that the operations team will work with various events and it will give us the time to dust off old organisation plans and use and update what is in place and also bring in new ideas.