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Axe Throwing

The Norfolk Scouts Shooting SASU are offering opportunities for leaders to attend a session covering the theory and practical awareness of axe throwing.

The sessions will look at the requirements of KATTA UK, the Scout Association Fact Sheet FS120011 and POR rule 9.38. They will include:

• Preparing a risk assessment and safety briefing
• The techniques of axe throwing
• Setting up and running a safe range

While this activity is not subject to any specific permit and therefore there is no mandatory requirement for a person to complete any training, these sessions are being offered to encourage good practise and give DC’s and GSL’s assurance that their leaders have the knowledge to safely run the activity.

We are initially offering sessions on the 24 March, 16 June and 17 November 2018, but will look at other dates if there is sufficient demand. There will be no charge for these initial sessions.

The venues for the sessions will be determined by the District locations of those wishing to attend. To book your place please email