Scouts and Guides lead conversations

A number of Scouts and Guides were guests of honour at an afternoon tea for volunteers

The event jointly hosted by Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, Richard Jewson and Chairman of the County Council, John Ward was held at County Hall on Thursday 9 November for representatives of an number of voluntary organisations from across the county.

Scout County Commissioner, Matthew Burrell and Guide County Commissioner Representative,  Aileen Beck were lucky to be chosen to sit at the top table.

Scouts and Guides were placed on each of the other table as ‘hosts’ to talk about their experiences in our movements and as young people in our county, there helped serve tea and cake (and also helped eat them!)

It was a fun and lively event, that raised the profile of a number of organisations, not just our own.

Thank you to the Adults and Young People who supported this event, there was exceptional feedback from other participants about the helpfulness and friendliness of all the Scouts and Guides.

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