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County Appointments

New appointments made in the Adult Development and Support Workstream.

Neville Jarvis, Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Development and Support) would like to welcome the following people to his team:

Trudy Musgrove as a Safeguarding Awareness Co-ordinator for the County with immediate effect.

Trudy will be joining Peter Chetwynd in promoting safeguarding and providing safeguarding training. This will in due course also include CEOPS at some stage next year and Trudy has had experience of safeguarding requirements from her other voluntary interests which will help her in the role.

Trudy’s email will be (effective 16 December 2017)

Charles McIlwhan as County Safety Coordinator with immediate effect.

Charles has wide experience of all safety, health and safety as well as fire safety matters and these will help in the role of promoting and coordinating safety within Norfolk Scouts.

Trudy’s email will be (effective 16 December 2017)

Also, County Training Manager, Sandra Gostling  is pleased to announce the appointment of Margaret Pope as Local Training Manager for South West Norfolk with effect from 1 March 2018.

Margaret is currently a Deputy District Commissioner for South West Norfolk and by starting the appointment from the 1 March this will enable Margaret to not only complete induction into the role but also allow her to relinquish the Deputy Commissioner position.

Margaret’s email address well be (effective 16 December 2017)

Please join us in wishing Trudy, Charles and Margaret well in their roles.