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Message about the current cold snap from the County Commissioner

Hi Everyone

My employer’s head office being hit by 8 inches of snow over the weekend has resulted in me being unexpectedly in Norwich for the next couple of days. The temperatures overnight have turned Norwich into a skating rink, so the bike stayed in the shed this morning!

With the forecast being quite changeable for the next few days, with a common theme of cold, please take extra time looking after yourselves and your peers.

It is a time of year when most of us are trying to finish up at work, make it to every party, buy-wrap-deliver all those presents, put on the Cub party etc. before we know it we are rushing around.

During the cold snap, please be prepared to change your plans at the last minute, try to get some extra help arranged for meetings in case other adults cannot make it at short notice and keep any eye out for people who are expected who do not arrive.

If parents are turning out to deliver and collect Young People, why not ask them to stay and see what goes on? It saves them two trips and allows you to work the leader maker charm offensive! 🙂

Also a reminder that our meeting places do not like the cold much either. Make sure someone is checking for burst pipes, frozen drains etc., to save any nasty surprises over Christmas.

As always I really appreciate all that our volunteers do to contribute to the lives of Norfolk’s next generation, week-in-week-out, sometimes in horrible weather! Please keep warm, smiling and safe!

Kind regards

Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner, Norfolk