Merry Christmas!

And so, with a bat of an eyelid 2017 seems to be nearly over already….

What a year it has been, so many of us have given a phenomenal amount of time, energy, wit, enthusiasm and brain power to Norfolk Scouts either at a one-to-one level, in Groups, Units, Districts, at meetings, events, camps or committees.

I set out the year with an idea that it would be one of fact finding, change and trying things out, so that we would be ready, about now, to start putting down on paper what the big achievements will be for Norfolk Scouts over the next few years.

We’re broadly there, a few things still need tweaking, but our team day in October marked the turning point from fix mending to understanding the key differences in our movement that our people need to continue us to grow, be relevant to Young People and make the mark on their lives that we know they need.

Currently we are working on the finer details of our County Conference in January, where we will further explore how we want to contribute to the future of our communities and how we can be best able to do it, while also providing an excellent and worthwhile experience for our Adult Volunteers too.

The outcome of the Conference will be our new County Plan for the next few years, aligned to our national strategy.

However, we can have all the plans, strategies, initiatives and focus groups we like, but Scouting just could not happen without the excellent team of nearly 7,000 Volunteers across our county who, in some way, most weeks invest some time in providing something for someone else.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, or just enjoy the holidays to get some rest, I hope that you have a few opportunities over the next couple of weeks with your nearest and dearest to have some fun and recharge.

Thank you for everything you do to help make Norfolk a great place to grow up or volunteer in, and a particular thank you for everyone who has been so kind and helpful to me in my first year as your County Commissioner. (I probably have to stop using the ‘Sorry I’m new’ excuse now…) 😊

Have a great time, keep smiling and be safe!

I’m looking forward to 2018, with NORJAM, WSJ fundraising and planning, new sections, new appointments, new challenges, it will be gone before I know it!!!


Matthew Burrell | County Commissioner (Norfolk)


PS I hope you like our Christmas image, designed by talented Norfolk illustrator, Beth Martin – give her a follow on Instagram @elizabethsartbook