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Email Scam

Norfolk Scouts members targeted by email scam.

Email is a way of life now for everyday communications within Scouting.

Unfortunately, recently some members of Scouting in Norfolk were the victims of an email scam, attempting to release charity money by trying to raise a payment for a fictitious piece of work.

Luckily the district that was targeted have a clear financial policy that was broken, raising the alarm and money was not released.

The fraudulent activity has been reported to the volunteer’s Internet Service Provider and Norfolk Police.

If you use your personal email account for Scouting purposes, please ensure you take steps always to make sure that your account is secure and if you receive any requests that seem unusual always check with the purported sender.

It would be unusual for large payments to be requested in Scouting, if they have not been agreed by an Executive Committee decision or contained within a budgeted piece of work.

Which? Have produced some guidance to help detect possible scam emails.