New Year – New Challenge?

New year- new challenge? If you would like to be part of the team that strive to be a point of excellence for all matters relating to programme then there are some exciting new volunteering roles on offer.I am looking for a County Scouter for Cub Scouts – to work alongside our County Scouter for Beaver Scouts (Tracey), looking at the younger age groups. You would have regular meetings with the ADCs – help and advise on their programmes and District events and also take forward ideas and suggestions on their behalf.

I am also looking for an ACC Scouts and Explorers – to cover the 10-17 year age group. This would be working with the ADC Scouts to assist their programme and also the DESCs in promoting and expanding Explorer Scouting.

Lastly, I am looking for an ACC Young Leaders – Gill Hales has done a fantastic job in the Young Leader Manager Role for the past 7 years and I thank her for all her help. This role will now oversee the transition of the Districts being able to deliver their own training, but also some County Training for the 1st year to bridge the gaps.

All of these roles will also tie in with our ACC International (Beka) , Top Awards and Network (David) and DoE (Colin and Sue) to promote a full and exciting programme across Norfolk.

I can’t offer you double your existing scouting salary or a range of membership perks, but I can offer the chance to work with a great bunch of motivated people and be part of the County Team, helping to shape the future of Scouting in Norfolk.

If you would like any more information on any of the roles please do not hesitate to contact me or happy to meet up with anyone for a coffee and chat, the closing date for nominations is 11 February 2018.

Jane Warden, Deputy County Commissioner Programme

NSRD CS Cub Scouts

NSRD ACC Scouts Explorers

NSRD ACC Young leaders

Norfolk Scouts Nomination Form PWS0118