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Basic Scout Camping Skills Weekend

The next Basic Scout Camping Skills training weekend is 11 to 13 May at Jessopp Road Scout Centre in Norwich.

Leaders will be placed in Patrols and camp as a Patrol for the weekend.  A Patrol competition will be running over the weekend to demonstrate the benefits of this.

Cost £20 to cover food and items used during the training.

If you have any leaders who would be interested, please email


Friday Night

Arrive and set up Patrol Camp sites with instruction for those unsure how to erect Patrol Tents.
Lamp and Stove tuition – Gas / Petrol / Paraffin / Methylated Spirits along with safety requirements for all types.


Aldershot kitchen construction (Camp Oven)
Bank Oven Construction
Camp Gadget Making tips
Axe and Saw (including Tree felling)
Lashing and Knot tying ready for pioneering on Sunday
Construction of Wet and Dry ‘Pits’
Latrine construction – (for use on Greenfield Sites)
Splicing and Whipping
Penny Stove Construction (attendees will need to bring a pepsi and coca cola drinks can (one of each as they are slightly different sizes)

Late Lunch prepared using the ovens
Clear up

We will not be covering Hike type tents as there is such a wide variety. We will be covering Party Tents do’s and don’ts, along with traditional Marquees as well.

This event covers most of the basic stuff that people need to know and will cover most of the practical elements of Section 5 of Factsheet AC120990 which is used for Nights Away Assessment as well as Greenfield General waste and Human waste disposal on Greenfield Camps. It also useful to learn new skills as part of Module 18.

Cooking for the weekend will be on wood fires.

It is open to all sections as Nights Away permits are generic.

You will get a certificate at the end to show what you have been trained in to use as part of evidence for a NAP assessment.

As many of you know I am also one of the two UK Technical Advisors for Nights Away so I am happy to answer any questions on TSA Camping and dispel any myths.

If any questions, please contact