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Census 2018

Census details have now been released

The Census is an annual activity, when we declare how many Young People and Adults are members of Scouting in Norfolk.

Group Scout Leaders, District Explorer Scout and Scout Network Commissioners, Scout Active Support Managers and District Commissioners should now have received their Census logon details and passwords, ready for the Census date of 31 January 2018.

If you have not received your password please contact your District Commissioner.

Every County needs to have their Census fully approved by the end of February 2018, so Norfolk has set Districts a local deadline of 18 February 2018 to have each District complete.

Your District Commissioner has set District deadline for Groups and Units to be complete by.

These Are:

Central Norfolk – 10 February 2018
East Norfolk – 11 February 2018
Eastern Norwich – 14 February 2018
North East Norfolk – 10 February 2018
North West Norfolk – 9 February 2018
Northern Norwich – 11 February 2018
South West Norfolk – 9 February 2018
Southern Norfolk – 14 February 2018
Southern Norwich – 13 February 2018

A summary of the key dates, changes for 2018 and how data should be recorded is available: Norfolk Scouts 2018 Census Summary

A recent email was sent to all relevant managers a copy is available here.