The Great Norwich Duck Race

Racing ducks probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Norwich. But just imagine..RACING DUCKS!

Would you strap an engine to it? No, not allowed. How about a sailing rig? Nope, against the rules. All you have   Mother Nature’s goodwill and whatever incantations you can come up with under your breath whilst it toodles on down the river.

The Great Norwich Duck Race takes place this year at the Julian Bridge, Riverside, Norwich on July 8

If you’d like to participate and raise some money for your Scout Group, contact Jane Stafford, Event Co-ordinator on 07889382662 or

All profits go to participating Scout groups or Scout projects. There is no outlay, tickets will be provided, you just have to sell them.

  • The first 250 tickets are sold on a 50/50 basis between your group and 1 st Norwich.
  • All sales after that are on a 75/25 basis.
  • Your Group doesn’t have to be in Norwich to sell the entry tickets.

So far The Great Norwich Duck Race has generated over £67,000. Head over to to see details of previous races.

The Great Norwich Duck Race was conceived by and is run by the 1st Norwich Sea Scout Group as a fund raising event for scouting. This year the funds raised will support scout activities at 1st Norwich and other groups participating in the event. As well as the prize monies mentioned elsewhere, a contribution is also made to the Lord Mayors charity.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent the race being run the promoter will decide the winners by a lottery of the entrants.
Duck Race Flyer 2018