Preparing Better Futures in Norfolk

Brilliant conference helps shape the future of Norfolk’s Scouting

Nearly 90 delegates took part in Norfolk Scout’s Conference, entitled Preparing Better Futures in Norfolk, this weekend (27/28 January) in Great Yarmouth.

This is the third stage in the creation of our Strategic Plan for the next few years.

We were delighted to be joined by Jane Dickinson, County Commissioner of Suffolk, Ollie Smith, County Youth Commissioner of Suffolk and Debbie Evans, Manager of the Regional Services Team.


During Saturday, District Commissioners and people with a knowledge of their patches worked together to understand what our growth ambition as a County should be. After in depth discussions we committed to the following vision:

By 2023 we will prepare better futures by equipping 7,250 Young People with skills for life (character, practical and employability skills).  They will enjoy better wellbeing and play a full part in their communities.

We currently work with about 6,300 Young People. We were clear from our discussions that no growth in Young People numbers cannot be achieved without a significant increase in new Adult Volunteers and transforming some of the experiences for our existing supporters.

Plan of Action

When then went on to look at what initiatives Norfolk Scouts should focus on during the next couple of years to give us a kick start toward our vision.

The Conference highlighted the following six initiatives as being the most likely to create an impact:

  • Focus on developing amazing section leaders with practical Scouting skills
  • Adventurous Activity and Nights Away Permit Scheme will be relaunched*
  • Transform Adult Recruitment
  • New Adult Volunteers onboarded and feel welcomed*
  • High quality Adult training provision
  • Raise the profile of Scouting in the local communities of Norfolk

*The Conference highlighted that these initiatives should be reworded before being added to our final plan.

An additional initiative ‘Scouting in Norfolk is shaped by Young People in partnership with Adults’ was also very popular, although this initiative was not selected as one of the six priorities the Conference was in agreement that all our actions should have a youth focused element.

Norfolk Scouts have also commitment to review our current Youth Shaped activity to ensure it is feel placed to move forward in sustainable way.

Finer Detail

On Sunday the Conference focused on the Objectives and Actions that are needed in our plan to deliver our initiatives, generating nearly 70 changes or ideas that we can implement.

The work completed at the conference was phenomenal and the volume could not have been achieved without the use of digital tools to collect the data. Norfolk Scouts must thanks Michael Price for his technology support and the R C Snelling Charitable Trust for their grant to fund equipment hire.

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It wasn’t all hard work however, mixed in was a number of networking opportunities and evening entertainment.

We were joined on Saturday evening by UK Chief Commissioner, Tim Kidd and East of England Regional Commissioner, Matt Mills for an award ceremony and Conference Dinner.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Conference or the planning for making this a landmark event for the future of Norfolk Scouts.