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Trading Post

Unfortunately, our shop, the Trading Post was broken into

During the evening of Monday 29 January the shop was accessed by force. Despite quite a bit of damage and mess, no stock was stolen and the burglars discovered that we do not hold any cash on site.

Repairs have been made quickly and the shop is now open as usual.

While no one from Norfolk Scouts was present, the incident has however highlighted the vulnerability of our employees and volunteers who may be running the Trading Post on their own. It is our ambition to try and ensure that there are always two people on duty, particularly at closing time.

We have a great bunch of volunteers who already support Mark and Judith at the Trading Post, if you think that you could help out with a regular volunteer shift at the shop, please get in touch with

Thank you to Norfolk Police for their support and everyone who helped get the Trading Post back into working order again.


Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner (Norfolk)