General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018 and replaces our current UK Data Protection legislation

Most of the laws covering Data Protection were developed over 20 years ago, the world is a different place today, with lots of data passing seamlessly from Computers to Clouds and smart devices. The time has come for a review of the protection individuals have with regards to data held about them and how it is used.

As Scout Groups, Districts and a County we have a lawful need to hold some information about our Young People and Adult Volunteers, to help us keep in contact with them and more importantly for their wellbeing.

We must take care that data we hold (whether in paper or electronically) is, not excessive, accurate and secure. We should tell people why we need to collect data, how we intend to use it and when we will destroy it – we must also make sure we do destroy it.

Protection of data is not primarily about security in a digital age, but instead about ensuring someone’s human right to be treated fairly, have decisions made about them with accurate facts and be able to stop receiving information they do not want.

Ultimately GDPR is about respect, which brings its application in line with our own Scout Law, to have respect for others.

Each Group and District is responsible for ensuring that they are ready for  GDPR, those who are currently operating systems which ensure information is up-to-date and treated with care should find compliance is straightforward.

The Scout Association has issued a general information sheet about GDPR, this will be followed by further information in March. Please take time to review this.