Wear Their Necker

On Thursday (15 February), Five Explorer Scouts joined County Commissioner, Matthew to talk about the shape of Norfolk Scouting, find out a bit more about them.

During the day the Explorers got to have a go at climbing, archery and trapeze activities as well as get the youth opinion in a range of discussions.

The group had a Skype call with new Regional Commissioner, Graham and also asked the County Commissioner Matthew and Chair, Rena how adults were supported in their roles.

There was a forum session where the Explorers helped define what they thought was a ‘Scouting Skill’, take a look at the outputs here.

We have come up with some ideas about how the county can better communicate with Young People about opportunities and events.

Take a look below to find out more about the people involved.

Who are you?

My name is Ben and I have been in the Scout movement since 2009.  I started in Beavers and moved through the sections, finally leaving scouts in November 2017.  I then joined my Explorer Unit in Northern Norwich and have also returned to my old group as a young leader with the cubs.

I am in year 10 at High School, and have started by GCSE course. In my spare time I play rugby for a local Rugby Club and have a disco unit which I use it to host children’s parties and discos.

I have been selected to attend the World Scout Jamboree in 2019, so I am trying to raise the funds required.  I believe that Scouting will help me become a more confident person, by learning new skills, meeting new people and dealing with new situations.

In the future I hope to use these skills to get the most of life and to have a happy and enjoyable future.

Why are you wearing the necker?

I would like to see what is on offer for Explorers in the future and see what we could get ever more out of Explorers. Also, I would like to see what happens at County level for Explorers. This sounds like a good opportunity to be more involved.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Sophie and I am an Explorer in Southern Norwich and I am a Young Leader with Beavers.

I joined Scouting when I was 12 and have continued through until now.

I am currently studying biology, chemistry and psychology A levels at Sixth Form and enjoy partaking in Jiu jitsu as well as Explorers. In the future I hope to become a clinical psychologist but also work in Scouting, potentially leading a unit myself and give back to a community that has given me so much. My favourite “outdoor” activities include hiking, bushcraft and paddleboarding as well as rock climbing and cooking.

Why are you wearing the necker?

I would like to take part because I would like to firstly share what I love about the Scouting community and what is has given me as well as talk about my ideas I have that could make more people want to engage with Scouting as well as get an idea about how I could potentially in the future become a leader and talk about logistics of  potentially getting some qualifications in outdoor fields to enhance my experiences and  the experiences of those who would be in my unit.


Who are you?

My name is Cole , I have achieved 8 years in the Scouting movement and have just finished as a Patrol Leader and I have now moved on and have started in Explorer Scouts in Northern Norwich. Recently I went on a camp with the Explorers to Roughton Mill and we abseiled down the 45 feet tower. Last week at Explorers I finally completed my bird box that I made all by myself. We also have made flat bread, scones and we decorated biscuits with icing.  As I have no siblings I really feel that the Scout movement has become like a big family to me and I have been able to do so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to belonging to the group.

Whilst in Scouts I was selected to compete in archery and shooting competitions within Northern Norwich district and was then put forward to represent Northern Norwich and in which, I achieved  fourth position. We also have done many other activities including kayaking, canoeing and sailing.

I enjoy playing rugby for my rugby club. In my spare time I like to play Xbox. At school my chosen language is German and I am currently doing very well with it. I also enjoy carrying out various projects in Science such as competing at the First Lego League competition in which teams construct and programme robots. Last year I achieved my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award with my school and this year I am going to be starting my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award with the Explorers.

In the future I hope to become a Young Leader and eventually join the RAF within the engineering sector and hopefully be able to go further.

Why are you wearing the necker?

I am currently an Explorer and i have carried out my DofE Bronze award and starting my Silver, I helped with the Beavers but am considering becoming a Young Leader and would like to find out more information


Who are you?

Hi I’m Rose

I’m both an Explorer Scout and a Young Leader in North West Norfolk.

I am a very keen sailor, sailing at World Class level, this summer I will be part of the GB Squad to sail at the Topper World Championships in China. I sail in National Events all around the country, Weymouth, Pwllheli, Rugby, Grafham Water, etc. I am a member of the East Region Squad, known as East Zone Squad.

I’m a bit keen on sport, I play hockey for a Hockey Club in King’s Lynn, where I play for the Ladies 3rds. I also enjoy skiing when I get the chance! I have been on 7 week long skiing trips.

In Scouting I joined as a Scout, coming over from the “Dark Side” as I was a Brownie. I have my Gold Chief Scouts Award and love being away on Camp. I have been on camps to Eaton Vale, Gilwell and shorter Survival Camps and Sleepovers, most recently as a Young Leader. I will be doing BPA this year but I will not be able to attend NORJAM as that is when I am in China. Scouting in my house is a bit of a family thing as my brother is a Scout, and my Mum a Scout Leader.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Eaton Vale, having some fun and helping to shape the future of Scouting

Why are you wearing the necker?

It looks like a fun day, get to interrogate the CC, does grilling involve a BBQ? I chance to express our views on the County Update and to help shape Scouting in the County.


Who are you?

Hi my name is Josh, I moved to Norwich 5 or 6 years go.

I’m big into playing rugby. I was captain for my team until I broke my collar bone playing a few months ago but I am slowly coming back to playing again.

I got into Scouting when was 7 I’ve been in scouting ever since. When I moved here the local group took me in. I enjoy our group as we often do what we want, we usually make fires and cook something but we do air rifle shooting, archery, tomahawk throwing and the explorer group enjoy it. Our Explorer Unit  is quite small as it only started up a year ago which is nice as we don’t have huge crowds of people on nights out we also get to do more stuff. I enjoy Scouting with my friends. As a bonus Scouting and leadership looks good on a CV, it also is a really big character builder as it teaches kids about survival, nature, and lots of other interesting, useful skills.

I have really enjoyed the annual night hikes that our troop has done for the past few years. The fact it is at night is really thrilling and the activities en-route are good fun.

In the future I hope to be a young leader and help out in the Scouting committee, I also hope I can coach or play semi pro rugby.

Why are you wearing the necker?

I would like to take part as it sounds great fun and I really enjoy outdoor activities. It would also be something to look forward to during half term.