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A little Poem about Beavers

The following Poem was written by a Beaver Leader at 12th King’s Lynn

It’s Wednesday five to six here come the Beavers one, two, three, four
Now I’ve lost count as they all come through the door
Wearing their blue jumpers, green neckers for the 12th
Of course, ours is the best colony I think to myself
They sit in a circle as excited as can be
As Cherry has told them next terms itinerary.

Beavers is so much fun it’s true
And the Children seem to enjoy it too
With outings and a fully packed programme galore
Fun activities, camping and so much more
The kids are all lovely and kind
They are a joy to work with springs to mind.

So if you’re a child and bored with yourself
come along and and join us at the 12th
Whether Beavers, Cubs or Scouts you will have so much fun
Being in the 12th that is the best one
If you are an Adult and looking for something to do
Come to the 12th and you will love it too
I’m biased saying our group is best that’s true
All Scouting groups would be fun for you

So thank you for having me at the 12th
Love Beavers it’s like nothing else